WATCH: “Drag Race” Enlists Out Military Boys

RuPaul’s Drag Race says hello to some fine military boys on Monday, when the queens are given an out service member to transform into a drag diva. Judging from this preview, the contest seems a little unfair. But you never know—some of the fiercest queens we’ve ever met look like marines out of drag.

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  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Waiting for davegun2 to resurface! That’s him with Jinkx.

    Alaska’s guy is a model promoting this as his “Reality TV Debut”. He’s also a friend of Derrick Berry, a drag queen who works ith Coco. One of his friends actually laughed that he’s wearing a Marine shirt.

    Pretty equal pairing, I’d say./sarc YOU GO DAVE!

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    sigh, typo *laughed on his Facebook

  • DarkZephyr

    As for Roxxxy’s effed up attitude, she needs to look at her non-drag mug in the mirror for some perspective.

  • davegun2

    Like I’ll be showing. I started the f-ing movement and I am here for the finish. So there.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Dear davegun2,

    I read your thoughtful and poignant blog awhile ago. I’m so happy you were paired with our beautiful old soul, Jinkx. I’m sure you are a staunch character (smile) and taught the children well. Bonus, you’re CUTE – I see a family resemblance!

    ScaryRussianHeather (formerly swarm)

  • davegun2

    @ScaryRussianHeather: Oh, you mean this one…

    The New Reality

    Reality TV shows are not my favorites. Please…Housewives, The Great Race, Amish In the City? Are you serious?

    But a few months ago AVER Los Angeles was approached by a TV reality show looking for military veterans, who happen to be gay, to appear on their show. Because of legal constraints I can not name the show nor give any details about what happened. But I can talk about what I call the New Reality.

    As one of the oldest surviving gay military veterans (Nowlin beats me on the oldest title) I did not feel that they were looking for my type of gay. The Talent Director advised me they were looking for 25 to 55 year olds. Well, that left me out big time. A few weeks went by and none of the AVER – GLA guys that were asked could make the taping schedule for the show. San Francisco Pride is soooo important after all.

    Well. The Talent Director called back desperate. They were looking for 5 veterans. They were 1 vet short. Would I, even at my advanced age, be interested. I went thru the screening process, head shots, on camera interview etc. All the time thinking I did not really want to do this. Me? Appear on a Reality show?

    Then something happened. I realized that in this world, reality is all around us in a much bigger way then ever in human history. See Twitter and Facebook as prime examples. AVER is growing nationally because of this new reality and for us in this organization that is huge and important.

    We also have the new reality of LGB’s being allowed in the United States Armed Forces legally for the first time in the nations history. Why not use that New Reality to reach not only our community but also the greater society. I know they have never thought about LGB contributions in our military history, including my gay brothers and sisters. Would going on a frivolous TV Reality Show actually serve a bigger purpose then just entertainment? I decided, I would give it a try.

    Twenty-four hours of grueling camera and shenanigans taping ensued, spread over 3 days. Physically the other veterans were able to do this work on their heads. They were all in their twenties and early thirties. Because the show was ABOUT gay veterans it was very easy for me to slip in the teaching points I wanted to make. This show will reach millions, I kid you not, it has that reach. While I was un-able to plug AVER, I did get out those things that most people never think about that effect you and me and LGB veterans each and every day.

    As a group, I and the 4 other vets, covered everything from partner benefits, medical benefits, education benefits and the problem of mental and brain injury that is affecting a big number of veterans who go to war.

    Our nation started 2 wars recently and we, in the LGB community, were there big time. My own war was in Viet Nam. I was gay then and had gay brothers and sisters around me that I knew and loved.

    At one point while taping, I actually broke down crying. I remembered a time when I held my best gay buddy in the Navy while he died. We had been shelled and he took almost a direct hit. I held him as he went. I remember thinking that his sacrifice would never be acknowledged if it were known that he was gay. I remember being overwhelmed by the injustice I felt from society because of our orientation. And I brought that feeling and reality out for the camera and for all to see.

    I hope they don’t edit that out. If it makes the show when it plays in August of 2013, we can point to that stark reality to all the bigots that put us down. We’ll be able to point to that and show those religious leaders that we sacrifice for god and country like everyone else.

    I hope I made my point. During the taping many of the shows people came up to ask if I was having fun. I would answer no. I was there for a purpose. I had a job to do. I wanted to exemplify AVER-GLA’s motto “DIVERSITY, UNITY, DUTY”.

    I think I did.

    Dave Lara
    Secretary – AVER-GLA
    Navy Veteran 1965 – 1970

  • Snapper59

    Wouldn’t Step One be: “SHAVE!”

    Or are the bearded ones going to do the I Love Lucy Arabian veiled dancer thing.

  • cameoutinthe80s

    Monday can’t get here soon enough. Drag Race is the highlight of my week. Bring it, ladies! Go Jinkx!!!!

  • mpwaite

    Are you kidding me???!! some of the FIERCEST NELLIEST QUEENS…….

    ARE MARINES!!!!!

    You go girls……………….Dont F*ck it up.

  • magic_gems

    @davegun2: Hey Dave, a redditor here – it’d be really cool if you’d consider popping into sometime, there are like 2000 RPDR fans over there who’d be really keen to hear/ask about your experience on the show (depending on what you’re allowed to say, obv)…

    Love the idea for this episode and hope they do get a bit of info about DADT etc. in amongst all of the fake nails and high heel practice!

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