WATCH: Dumb Hunk Gets Tattoo On His His Junk (Ouch!)

Queerty pal Chev Elt forwarded us a clip of a young buff lad in a tattoo parlor, where his buddies are egging him on to get his “boys” tattooed. (“Kelly’s gonna love it, shouts one. Yeah, right.)

We’re linking off to the video rather than posting it here—not so much because it’s x-rated (meh, not really) but because not everyone has the stomach for watching a guy get inked on his most private of privates. Simmons seems pretty sedate through the whole process, indicating that, yes indeed, he has some pretty big balls. Smooth too!


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  • HM

    well just from this pic, the ass, the abs and the pecs scream “hottie!”.

    They judgement screams ‘run awayyyyyy…’

  • wingfield

    I’m guessing these guys are very comfortable in their sexuality. If you check out their vimeo channel EVERY video someone is naked. In one they even get a guy to whack off a drunk sleeping guy. >.<

  • Jawsch

    If you don’t have the stomach for it, then don’t click it? o.0
    Seems kinda silly not to post it here simply for that reason.

  • Philip

    A cute mental pygmy

  • Bipolar Bear

    I was talking to a gay guy into body mods the other day who has had three 8mm rods inserted under the skin of his knob. God knows if they used anaesthetic.

  • Max

    And now it’s gone. That didn’t last long.

  • Larkin

    This is why you download things. It’s news dammit!

  • James M. Martin

    An old urban legend (i.e. having some basis in reality) has it that a guy gets a word tattoed on his joint and when his pencil is full of lead it reads “Chrisanthymum,” but when detumescent, it says “mum.”

  • Zblack

    Im guessing no one had a chance to repost it somewhere lol that would be cool

  • Doug MacKay

    They use a local butt trust me it still hurts!

  • Tom

    dumb, anybody know the name of the channel/user that it was on?

  • Marriage Equality

    link above doesn’t work anymore :(

  • Zblack

    but still would like to know the name of their channel

  • shannon

    DUMB…………….YES…..”HUNK”………….HELL NO………

  • Tavdy79

    Just one question – is Kelly a guy or a gal?

  • Ralph S

    Obviously he does not work for NASA building rockets, and what is he going to do when Kelly dumps him?

  • Rraiju Narhnuif

    Better make sure that the tattoo is fully healed before he makes sweet, sweet homo love and gets a shit inflection on his dick

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