WATCH: Eli Lieb Wants To Love You, Mister Chase Wants To F*ck You

Call it the summer of the gay male singer-songwriter. Shortly after Steve Grand‘s plaintive, country-tinged “All-American Boy” went viral comes Eli Lieb‘s “Young Love,” a catchy summery ode to same-sex affection. And this time around, it’s reciprocated. The video, directed by Geoff Boothby is less Abercrombie like Grand’s and more American Eagle like, say, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Like the latter, “Young Love” is also kind of impossible not to, well, love.

On the other, more auto-tuned side of the spectrum is Mister Chase who steps in the ring for a cover of Neon Hitch’s “Fuck U Betta”. The song wasn’t great to begin with and Chase doesn’t add to or detract from the original, except for the gay angle, of course. The video is actually a twofer — after devolving into what appears to be a 2(x)ist ad, there’s a lyric video to Chase’s “Tootsie Roll”. Sadly, this isn’t it.