WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Supporter Teases Gay Scott Brown Staffer

We usually think it’s Republicans who are crass and homophobic and Democrats who are refined and inclusive—but it ain’t always so. Videos taken outside a debate between Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican Scott Warren show Warren supporters mocking a member of Brown’s team with an anti-gay remarks.

The Weekly Standard reports:

The first shows a man holding a United Auto Workers sign and wearing a UAW t-shirt walking away as the woman with the camera asks another Warren supporter if the UAW man is “homophobic.” The Warren supporter says, “He [the UAW man] says he [the Brown staffer] likes it up the a–.”

In another clip, a UAW worker admits to chanting “Sounds kind of gay” toward the staffer. “Oh yeah, I did,” the man says, laughing, before chanting “We want Scott, we want Scott” in an effeminate voice. “I’m like, ‘Sounds kind of gay, sounds kind of gay.”

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