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WATCH: Ellen Page confronts antigay preacher outside D.C. protest

Ellen Page spent the weekend not taking any crap, thank you very much. A new video shows her confronting a crazy street preacher somewhere in DC.

At first, the preacher rants about demons, while Ellen simply nods in annoyance. In the background, a woman screams at someone else — what a fun little gathering! — and then Ellen’s had enough. “You’re wrong,” she says. “Look, we’re not going to get anywhere and you’re doing to believe this your whole life. I feel for you because if you open your heart –”

And then he butts in and talks over her, not listening.

To her credit, Ellen’s as well-mannered as a person can be when dealing with a basket case, and she seems fairly realistic about her chances of having an impact on this terrible person. (He wears a t-shirt that accuses LGBTs of being worst than animals.)

It’s unlikely that anyone’s lives were improved by this frustrating interaction, but good for her for trying. It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to stand up for LGBTs.

Watch below:

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