WATCH: Ellen Loves Fellow Lesbian Kate McKinnon’s “SNL” Impression Of Her

Sure, comedians can wisecrack till the cows come home, but some times the laughter stops if the joke’s on them. Not so with Ellen Degeneres, who applauded Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon, the long-running series’ first openly lesbian cast member, on her remarkable impression of her last weekend.

Readers might be familiar with McKinnon from her work on The Big Gay Sketch Show – particularly the hilarious Fitzwilliam, the effeminate schoolboy who wanted a lovely vagina more than anything in the world.

Bravo to McKinnon not only for making herstory, but also daring to fill the giant shoes left vacant by Kristen Wiig. Getting a thumbs-up from America’s preeminent lesbian and official funniest person is sure to help.