WATCH: Ellen Surprises The New Normal’s Nene Leakes With Hunky Male Strippers

With her life as a single woman coming to a close, Ellen Degeneres surprised The New Normal‘s Nene Leakes with an impromptu bachelorette party — or at least the hunky, shirtless male strippers of an impromptu bachelorette party.

Nene’s reaction is almost as priceless as her wiping away her tears with those dollar bills. After all, she is VEEEEEERY rich. She’s got that Ellen Degeneres money, honey.

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  • rand503

    Those guys sure do love showing off!

  • petensfo

    I had no idea this gal was from Housewives of Atlanta. She’s terrific & the show is
    getting very clever.
    This week the sweet baby-surrogate asked Nene what happened with
    the guy she had been seeing & Nene answered, “Well, he liked to go downtown a lot,
    which is great. But often he wanted to go to skid-row & I’m just not comfortable with
    that. You know what I mean?”
    “No,” the sweet surrogate replied. Took me a minute too. :)

  • AxelDC

    Ellen looks very unimpressed.

  • Katbox

    Guy humping the chair (medium length hair) has an amazing ass.
    So hot

  • Spike

    @AxelDC: Have you noticed that she pretty much has the same look all the time? She just shows up so, goes through the motions, gives away a bunch of free crap, gets sponsors to give $$ to various family’s who have hit hard times, and collects her 10 million a year, figure out what that comes to per episode.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I had a couple of friends talking about Housewives of Atlanta at a dinner party last week. Intriguing. Is it cable? I don’t have cable. Also, Spike, If I had as much disdain for some talk show host, as you seem to have for Ellen, I wouldn’t watch her show. I catch Ellen’s show maybe 8 times a year, simply because the T.V. is never on here. That may be the answer to your self-imposed Degeneres blues.

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