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WATCH: Elton John & Dua Lipa go full Rocketman fantasia

Get ready to pump up the volume, everybody.

Gay musical legend Elton John has paired with rising gay icon Dua Lipa to collaborate on a new single, “Cold Heart.” And it should come as no surprise that it’s totally awesome.

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The video for “Cold Heart” uses both drawn and stop-motion animation (sometimes called “claymation” in the vernacular) to envision a cosmic disco occupied by a diverse, androgynous, and very fabulous dance troupe rocking out in platform shoes and sparkling glasses. The video also borrows from the films Yellow Submarine and The Wall to include some flying fish and some flowers with blooming eyes. Meanwhile, Elton belts out lead vocals about a cold-hearted ex, while Dua samples Elton’s classic “Rocketman” as a chorus.

In other words, it’s totally bonkers and totally wild.

So, crank the volume and get ready for a psychedelic dance journey. We have a feeling we’ll be hearing the song out and about in the very near future.