Rocket Men

WATCH: Elton John surprises concert goers with a Taron Egerton duet that screams Pride

Further promoting their adorable bromance–and the film Rocketman–Taron Egerton joined Elton John on stage to perform “Your Song” during one of John’s concerts in Brighton, England.

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John continues to perform his retirement tour at venues around the world, even while Rocketman continues to win the box-office bucks in theaters. Egerton surprised the audience by taking to the stage in a rainbow pride t-shirt in honor of Pride Month. After the performance, John took to Instagram to thank his friend.

“‘What a show in Brighton just now ?? Taron, thank you for joining me onstage tonight,” John said in the post. “We’ve shared so many moments during the filming and release of #Rocketman and singing ‘Your Song’ with you this evening is another I’ll always cherish.” Egerton posted the same photo to his own account, saying “That was fun.”

Rocketman opened to positive reviews last month, and has earned well over $100 million in ticket sales.