Big break

Watch Emma Stone make her big gay adult film debut in this hilarious SNL sketch

Emma Stone may be an Oscar winner, but does she have the chops, the sheer determination, the chutzpah, required to rise to the gold-level acting standards of the gay adult film industry?

We hear even Daniel Day-Lewis lost out on a few Helix auditions early on in his career.

Stone was back for her fourth run at hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and nowhere was her experienced showcased more than in a pre-recorded sketch in which she played an actress getting her big break — think not-in-front-of my-salad level stardom. The stakes are high.

Her character, Grace, is dead set on digging down to the raw, vibrating emotional nerves of shock, abandonment and hurt when she catches her husband cheating on her with her godson.

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“Not with my godson!” she cries.

Grace doesn’t simply pretend to be the betrayed wife, she becomes her.

“I saw the rich and beautiful backstory of this woman: her childhood, her first job, the night she met Jared, the promises she was told, her godson’s 18th birthday, and all the other times she was blindsided by life,” she says. “I felt the bruises and scars of her past; I saw what led her here, and I saw her in the present, walking in on the love of her life with her godson. And then [my character] Deirdre took over and said, ‘Jared … I forgive you.’”

Check out this comedy gold, featuring real-life performer Ty Mitchell, below:

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