WATCH: TX High School Unites Against Bullying In Well-Choreographed Music Video

While some high schools in America are still grappling with a bullying epidemic, Cypress Ranch High School in Texas looks like it’s got the whole school to say (sing?) no to intimidation.

Set to an original tune called “Who Do U Think U R,” written and sung by student Kaitlyn K, the music video follows various students as they lip-synch the verse and chorus. They’ve got football-holding football players, art geeks, bat-throwing softballers, theater kids, volleyball players—it seems the entire school participated. And it looks like it was all done in one seamless take, which is no mean feat.

If you think they’re as swell as we do, go vote for them in the “No Bull” anti-cyber-bullying campaign!

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  • Steven

    wow. what a pretty high school. My ghetto high school would never have been able to make such a well organized video/.

  • Cj Maciejeski

    Wow. I graduated from that district. Yeah, we do have pretty schools. it’s pretty awesome district, Cy-Fair ISD. So cool to see stuff like this coming from my hometown.

  • Frederick

    Very cool! Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but there was also a G.S.A. briefly featured, as one of the lip-synchers rounded a corner in the school hallways…

  • Richard Ford

    Really an excellent effort from these kids. Polished, big scale, high energy and heartwarming. I only wish the camera operator had taken just a bit more care to focus on the signs and posters so we could “get the message” more fully. I’ll vote for this entry with enthusiasm.

  • Red Meat

    Looks like a fucking Mall, oh awesome kids and their liberal parents.

  • MikeE

    that actually had me in tears at the end. there is yet hope for mankind.

  • FunMe

    That was great. Posted in my FB.

    Closet Queen Jason Russell’s dance musical video can’t even compete with this one. He should take some pointers from them1

  • david

    @Red Meat:

    im actually surprised that this happened. not to say the students arent liberal, but cy ranch is in a suburb of houston. its a pretty conservative part of texas

  • B

    As a technical detail, they probably weren’t lip syncing and instead just sang along while
    hearing the soundtrack played as the camera moved. Some video editing then put in the soundtrack they were listening too. It’s a reasonable way to do it, as you don’t have to teach all those kids how to lip sync – being quiet doesn’t matter.

    They could have played the sound track over the school’s P.A. system with everyone singing through the whole track and the camera just moved through the crowd. Then the only person who has to worry about timing is the guy(s) moving the camera.

    Regardless, it came out well.

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