WATCH: Everyone’s Favorite Gay Roommate Demonstrates The Art Of Manscaping

Nick is home from college and away from his other half, James. Faced with the prospect of getting a summer job, Nick decides, like many a young gay before him, to turn to go-go dancing. Things get a bit hairy when he decides to shave his kibbles and bits for his audition and, well, it might be a while before he’s gyrating in a boxer brief.

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  • Kevin

    Mom’s better at acting than he is.

  • tookietookie

    Oy vey, this is annoying.

  • Oscar

    Aww come on this is a cute video. He’s just having fun making videos, don’t think he’s going for awesome acting over being something funny to watch for a few minutes. Ill keep watching his videos.

  • stfallon1028

    Oh my gosh…so funny

  • Scribe38

    Best one yet! If you don’t think its funny you have no soul. Lol

  • Joetx

    A little trimming of the hedges is fine.

    But all out razor application is criminal.

  • OutnProud

    He sorta resembles Chris Salvatore. That said, trimming is fine, total deforestation is uncalled for

    As for the gland in the taint area, it’s called the perineum. It’s the back door to the prostate

  • rdujetz

    I’d be happy to help him next time.

  • LaTeesha

    Is he supposed to be funny or just that geeky kid that nobody wanted to hang out with?

  • rextrek

    sorry – I like au-natural……hairy is sexy – stubble is a turn off

  • manonyme

    @Oscar: i feel the same way, oscar. and @kevin and [email protected] i just wanna toss a couple phrases by you and see wht sticks..”silently thank ur body for serving you on today.” tht’s the first.”this is the perfect position to reach awkward-side-beard”. tht one is priceless and finally , “lower ur arms, mindful of ur rosebud” …
    tht part was artistic with all the yoga mumbo-jumbo and artsy camera angles.
    full disclosure tookietookie was spot-on bout tht voice. so my opinion started when it was clear the clothes were off. . .and he’s easy on the eyes. . .so

  • eldge52


  • Jackhoffsky

    Razor Yoga.


  • Mike

    I can’t believe I watched that whole thing. :/

  • Amalgamate

    Who is this silly twin? Attention all twinks-do NOT shave what little body hair you have! It is a HUGE turn off

  • Sluggo2007

    @Mike: I had to turn it off halfway through. Mom is creepy and obnoxious and Nick is trying too hard to be cute.

  • Terrycloth

    Should have shaved 5 minutes off this video

  • DrJohn

    given his remarks at the beginning, I can understand why Jeff Sessions looks askance at gay life.

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