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WATCH: Everything Is Exploding + Disintegrating Around Adam Lambert

We pretty much hate music videos that ride on the backs of the films they’re produced for. Which is why we’re not feeling, at all, booby-licker Adam Lambert’s video for “Time For Miracles,” because in between walking through the ruins of 2012‘s set, we have to watch John Cusack’s “I’m scurrrred” face.

Oh, whew, that wasn’t the real video? Here’s the official one, with a little less Cusack:

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  • george

    I love it! His supersonic scream destroying the world!

  • alan brickman

    Does anybody else find it strange…that a gay man is singing about the apocalyse?….Homophobes will either love it or be totally scarred of it..

  • Scoop

    Does it contain any naked chicks?

  • Mike L.

    Where’s the guyliner?! Still love it!

  • romeo

    @ Scoop: No naked chicks in this one, but I think there will be later on. A friend of mine lurks over at his official website. Says the administrators removed the gay forum last week. It had the most post counts of any forum there. I took a look and they decided to put it back up, but it’s all weirded out in there. No gay people in that forum anymore. LOL Saw a comment that he cancelled out of a scheduled GMA broadcast. Isn’t that the GLAAD Media Awards? again LOL ! He’s still gay as we all know, but looks like he ain’t so proud anymore. $$$$$$$$$ LMAO !

  • Josh

    @Romeo GMA is Good Morning America!!!

    Adam isn’t trying to be seen as straight. He is rumored to be on the cover of Out in coming months.

    The Details pics of him with a naked woman was about the article which was about women wanting to have sex with him even though he is gay!!!!

  • dgz

    i wanted to like it.

  • romeo

    Josh: My mistake about the GMA’s. But I stand by my comments for that Details story. The only thing flying around the net now are those pictures. The pictures were the intent. His handlers knew the accompanying story wouldn’t mean zip. And for someone who isn’t trying to be seen as straight, those flagrant pictures are one helluva funny way of showing it. Closet doors were finally starting to open in Hollywood, and Lambert was helping that, but I honestly feel he chickened out — and I’ll bet others will follow his lead and those doors will start slamming shut again.

    Yeah, I heard that he was going to be on the cover of Out magazine sometime. With a naked chick? Bet the Exodus website is having a field day with those Details pictures.

    Sorry. I’m going on too much. I loved that guy. Dressed like him to see him in concert. Defended him everywhere I could. Now I can’t stand the sight of him.

  • Josh

    @Romeo– if he was trying to appear straight why did he recently stage a kiss with his boyfriend Drake for the paparazzi??

    There are pictures all over the net of him kissing various men.

    His being gay is mentioned in most of the articles and tv spots (entertainment tonight, access hollywood etc) that mention him.

    In his recent interview with Laura Saltman for Access Hollywood he even mentions that he asked the model if she was glad that she was doing this photoshoot with a gay guy.

    I’m sorry but if you liked him before you still should. It sounds like you are being irrational.

  • LUEW126

    Romeo, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about on Adam’s official website. The only forum that has been creating a ruckus around there is the Kradam forum. Your friend must be lurking on the wrong official website.

    The opinions you are forming about Adam trying to hide his gay and based in no fact and are ridiculous in my opinion. He’s been photographed by the paps kissing his bf for the camera, the Details story is all about this sex symbol who is gay.

    You may be sick of looking at his face with the recent media blitz, but I really don’t get where you’re coming from.

  • romeo

    Josh, it looked like the boyfriend initiated the kiss and Lambert was caught off guard. And as I keep saying, and you keep ignoring, the psychological principle behind that photo shoot dictates that the pictures always neutralize any accompanying words. His handlers knew that.

    @LUEW126: check your facts, the gay forum was removed last week and then put back on for some unknown reason. LOL Oh, and I don’t think you could possibly ever get where I’m coming from. LMAO !

  • sal(the original)

    luvz it

  • Aaron

    I am soooooo stoked to see this movie! I love explosions!!! :)

  • glamswarm

    @ Romeo #5 NO hun, (rofl) That’s mistaken. The thread was down less than a day along with the entire collection of various other threads and many of them large. There was a software release that is still screwed up to this day. The site was in havoc. Sony is messed up in that regard. There are 33,000 posts on that thread since June. There’s also another huge Youth Thread. There is right now a sweet thread trying to figure out what androgynous means (lol eyeroll) and just this morning one called ADam Lambert the Making of a Gay Icon. bringing tears to my eyes and I’m not a drama queen. Adam Official would never get away with gay washing. These women have embraced him as their child, brother, best friend and they will protect him within an inch of their Glammy little lives seriously LOL The only ones fondly daydreaming of the romantic Adam are little straight girls 13 years old on there LOL.

    I”m a conspiracy theorist and believe “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you”. It’s not applicable in this case:)

  • glamswarm

    And Romeo, BTB, your friend is wrong. There is no gay exodus. Go see for yourself you can read without joining. I just asked for an update and got a reply within 30 seconds.

  • CyD

    This song is amazing.

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