WATCH: Ewan McGregor “Flattered” That Louis CK Would Go Gay For Him

Apparently, one of Louis CK’s comedy routines has him joking that he would go gay for Ewan McGregor, and so talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos decided to bring it up to the Moulin Rouge hunk.

“I’m interested in seeing what he’s got to say,” said McGregor after he’s told that Louis CK goes on about their hookup in the routine at length. “I’m flattered, though, I like it very much that he feels that way.”

“Wouldn’t it be funny if I met him somewhere, and I went behind him,just tapped him on the shoulder?” he continued. “Just to see how really serious he really is about it.”

No offense, girlfriend, but right now, if you tapped me on the shoulder, I’d tell you to trim down your darling locks. What’s going on with that overgrown fauxhawk on your head, Ew?

And then I’d ask you to bed.