Time Warp

Watch exactly how an antigay Republican Senator got caught cruising a men’s room

We all remember the ridiculousness that was the 2007 arrest of then-Senator Larry Craig. After getting caught cruising a men’s room at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, Craig introduced the “wide stance” defense that made perfect fodder for more than a few jokes.

Or there was his other excuse — that he was “just picking up some paper.” Well Slate Video produced a play-by-play of Craig’s interaction with the plainclothes officer, and it makes for some enlightening viewing. None of us at Queerty had seen this particular clip before — chances are you haven’t either.

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It was a fitting end to a political career spent opposing LGBTQ rights at every opportunity, and the video is a fairly comprehensive how-to explainer on restroom cruising, which seems like an all-but dead hookup strategy.

Grab the popcorn: