WATCH: Fierce Toddler Calls Out Gender Stereotypes In “Riley On Marketing”


We’re not sure if little Riley, 5, was coached by her parents to rail against corporations that reinforce gender stereotypes or whether she’s the kind of baby who orders her own subscription to Mother Jones.

We’re just gonna act like this is unrehearsed.

Standing in the middle of a toy store, this little proto-Steinem loudly bemoans how toy companies trick little girls into obsessing over princesses and making boys gaga for action figures. “It wouldn’t be fair for all the girls to buy princess and all the boys to buys superheroes cause… [some] girls want superheroes.”

Off-camera, Riley’s dad reinforces to her that, yes, certain girls dig G.I. Joe and some boys prefer to comb Ariel’s hair.

Actually, we loved our macho action figures—we used to have He-Man and Lion-O make out all the time.