WATCH: Fly American Airlines, Because It’s Stocked With Twinks and Drinks

American Airlines may be known for its antique aircraft and shoddy on-time record, but here’s one reason to consider missing out on Virgin America’s in-flight wifi to book your ticket with AA: they’re fabulous.

As a “supporter” of (read: advertiser within) the LGBT community, American Airlines took home the Corporate Vision Award at Saturday’s L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s 38th annual gala. Like the People’s Choice Awards, this one was special because it was chosen by votes, not the Center’s board.

Good thing AA had plenty of advance notice they were being celebrated, so they had plenty of time to whip of this video that played at the ceremony. Cue all the homo stereotypes: we’re fabulous, we love being “strapped in” with “tight restraints,” and we only travel with Louis Vuitton luggage.

It is, frankly, excellent. American Airlines: Now taking reservations on Manhunt and Craigslist.