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WATCH: Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones’ Boyfriend Has a Boyfriend, And That’s Just Fine With Her

The beautiful and talented singer Kaya Jones–formerly of the powerhouse Pussycat Dolls–is now making it big on her own. And when she’s not busy building her new, innovative record label that allows artists to own themselves (unlike her days with the Dolls), she’s singing about her boyfriend who has a boyfriend. And that’s okay with her.

Kaya’s boyfriend isn’t really gay, but in her song and video for her recent Boyfriend track, she sings about acceptance. So, he falls for someone else and that someone else happens to be of the same-sex? Get over it. Love is love. Check out the steamy video…

“At 15 or 16, I watched thepeople close to me…their battles,” she explains, “I knew it wasn’t a choice.” Bullied herself as a kid because of her unique combination Jamaican and Native American heritage, she knew she had to become a champion for those who were perceived as different.

And, specifically, about the Boyfriend video, she points out: “How is it that we’re not okay with watching two guys together, but the moment that you think I’m going to be with a woman, you’re okay with it? We’re attracted to many different things. That’s the message–it’s ok.”

We hosted Kaya this week for the Queerty/GayCities sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. We had so much fun that we ended up talking for over 40-minutes. A shorter version is a part of this week’s show (starting at the 40:32 mark), but if you’d like to hear the whole unedited interview, it’s available as a Swish Bonus episode.

Photos via Kaya Jones

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  • jason

    Kaya Jones makes an interesting point about the bisexual double standard in the music industry and our culture in general.

    However, I’m just wondering whether it’s good for our values to be defined by voyeurism. I think our values should be defined by experience (ie what we actually do) than by what we actually enjoy watching.

  • Kevin

    Her heart may be in the right place, but her voice, wardrobe designer, producer, and most of all lyricist definitely aren’t.

  • Craig

    the song it self, crap, the video, crap, if you’re going to have a song about your boyfriend having a boyfriend SHOW IT, kill it with all the quick shots, it’s not until 3:23mins into the video you actually see any male on male action, and it’s not even the guys from the first part of the video…….. F-

  • Geri

    @Craig: Yes, the video is really confusing and doesn’t seem to match the song lyrics very well at all. In fact the only thing I’m sure about is that by the end Kaya has a girlfriend and she’s a hottie – YAY!!!

  • RLS

    Oh Kevin, that shade was superior. Well done. *claps hands*

  • RLS

    Ok now that I’ve actually watched this mess, I have three points.

    1 – whoever produced “212” by Azaelia Banks needs to sue. The beat is a clunky ripoff.
    2 – this girl just simply cannot sing.
    3 – any gay positive message from the song and video are negated by the fact that both her and this entire product are being aggressively marketed to the gay community to secure her gigs at prides or whatever. These chicks are a dime a dozen and take this route after having been laughed out of all the major label boardrooms.

    I’m all for “singers” being gay-friendly, but I know when I’m being pandered to.

  • JKB

    When I began reading the posts in reply to this video, I thought it was the regular bitchfest on queerty. Alas, I did find the song tedious, the direction simplistic, and the gay twang of the beat predictable.

    That being said, I did not find her voice to be as bad as some have indicated. I think she needs to find a better song writer, producer and video director. Now, hopefully, I can get back to not being a bitchy poster on this site.

  • MikeE

    @JKB: well, one might call it “bitchiness”, but honestly: upon being presented with a cow dung pie, is it wrong to remark that you have been given excrement?

  • JKB

    @MikeE: Is every post on Queerty a “Cow Dung Pie”? If not, then why is there always complaints about it “being old news”, “unimportant”, “in poor taste”…blah de blah fucking blah? I can appreciate having some concerns about posts, but the complaints by people on this site takes the cake. (Yes, I the irony of me complaining about the complainers is not lost on me.)

  • stevoj

    is this the one that refuses to put her leg down in all of the PCD videos…

  • Oh, ok


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