WATCH: Fox News Harasses Gay CO Speaker Over Child Molestation Laws

Schoolyard bully turned Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly had one of his watchdogs sic openly gay Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino over his refusal to “protect the kids” by passing Jessica’s Law, which imposes a minimum of 25 years for committing sexual assault on a minor before being eligible for parole.

Reporter Jesse Watters rushes up on Ferrandino — with an immediacy reserved for gays, liberals and other harbingers of doom — while walking his dog and barrages him with a series of questions and cases purportedly illustrating Colorado’s lax laws on child molesters.

Colorado is one of only five states which has not passed Jessica’s Law, named after 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford after she was sexually assaulted and buried alive in Florida in 2005.

O’Reilly claims that Ferrandino and the Democrats in Colorado are basically ruining the moral fabric of the state, noting that the Speaker is pro-gay marriage and pro-marijuana legalization; but what he fails to note is that Colorado already has very strict child molester laws.

According to The Denver Post:

And in a rare moment of unity, the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council, Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Colorado Office of the Public Defender all agree Jessica’s Law isn’t necessary…Laurie Rose Kepros, the director of Sexual Offense Defense for the public defenders office, said Colorado’s complicated and nuanced sentencing laws “already go beyond what Jessica’s Law mandates.”

“Jessica’s Law is a 25-year sentence, and we have life sentences for all of the crimes covered under the bill,” she said.

Ferrandino, for his part, has allegedly received threatening emails due to O’Reilly’s continued demonizing of him — including one from a viewer who hoped his 14-year-old foster daughter gets raped.


But Ferrandino thinks Jessica’s Law has been overly politicized. “What shocks me is for the two years Republicans had the majority, they didn’t introduce this bill,” Ferrandino told The Post. “This is all about politics and not good policy.”

O’Reilly wouldn’t know “good policy” if it ran up on him in the street in the middle of a morning walk, but the fact that Ferrandino is a Democrat and a gay is “good” enough.

(h/t: ThinkProgress)