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  • Cam

    Interesting that FOX considers it a War on Christmas if somebody says “Happy Holidays”, but if a store that use to close on Christmas decides to open up AND doesn’t pay it’s staffers holiday pay that somehow ISN’T a war on Christmas.

    Funny, I would think that declaring Christmas is NOT a holiday when it comes to working and pay is minimizing Christmas much more than somebody at checkout saying “Happy Holidays” and yet FOX doesn’t say a word.

    Their hypocrisy is beyond idiotic.

  • Rick1973

    Am I the only one that noticed the butt plugs on the FOX set?

  • Diesel69

    @Rick1973: The first thing i noticed too were the colorful array of xmas butt Plugs—-Don we now our gay apparel—And deck the halls with balls–

  • ides79

    What’s with the Holiday themed butt plugs on the Fox set?

  • LaTeesha

    OMG. Who gives a shit? Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Whatever. It’s not a war on Christmas. But it is a war on manners to get your ass all out of crack because someone told you Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

  • 2eo

    Have a merry Winterval Festivus everyone.

  • queerty1958

    I think a war on Fox News would be better! The whole Santa in the red suit thing was actually created by Coca Cola as part of an advertizing campaign. Coca Cola created the whole image. It started in the 1920’s. The Christmas tree was originally from Pagan tradition.

  • chuck

    Happy Solstice and Saturnalia which is the original holiday.

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