WATCH: Fred Karger Courts Gay Baywatch Vote With “Sexy Frisbee” Campaign Ad

Even though he’s getting less media attention (and primary votes) than Ron Paul, openly gay Republican Fred Karger is still chugging along with his campaign for president of the United States. In this new campaign ad, the admittedly unhip Karger pals around with some sexy beach bunnies and lets Californians know he and his crew will be going door-to-door to garner support for the Golden State’s upcoming June primary. You might get a cool Fred Frisbee, too!

If it’s delivered by one of the beefy models kissing at the end of this clip, we might just open the door.

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  • DouggSeven

    Republicans are still evil for more reasons than a few social issues. Many, many reasons. Don’t forget that.

  • Mark

    That was a terrible ad.

    Also, he’s a Republican. So, that means he’s still pushing an evil economic agenda.

  • plazaboy

    Fred who? is more like Fred Karger YUMMMMMMM.

  • Oh, ok

    So all it takes to get the gay vote is some half naked models? Are we really that stupid and superficial?

  • Andy

    The Republican Party of 2012 bears absolutely no relation to the party of Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt, let alone Lincoln. It always baffles me when people think they can stay in the GOP and “fix” it. There’s no fixing to be done. It is focused solely on rich, white, straight (or closeted), Christian males and ensuring that they make and keep all the money. Fred, when are you going to realize that even if you consider yourself a Republican, the other members of the party don’t? And that goes for any of the rest of you Log Cabin Republicans on this site.

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