WATCH: Gallaudet Diversity Officer Featured In Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

The latest ad from Maryland Marriage Alliance uses Gallaudet University Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Angela McCaskill, who was put on leave after signing a petition challenging Maryland’s same-sex marriage law and is currently seeking compensation from the school,  as an example of how Question 6 doesn’t protect those who speak out against marriage equality.

…Right. Just like Chick-fil-A, which the ad also cites, is a victim. MMA are happy to make it seem that gay marriage is the end of decent society when ads like this speed us along that course a lot faster. Try watching it if you can stop your eyes from rolling.

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  • doug105

    seeking compensation For what she’s on leave with pay last I heard.

  • andy_d

    She wants compensation for “pain and suffering” and alleged damage to her career.

  • andy_d


    If she doesn’t make the sponsors of the ad remove her and any mention of her from the ad, ad within the next 24 hours, then she should be FIRED!

    Her job should not be used, or allowed to be used, in any context that tries to limit diversity.

  • TheMarc

    I honestly think she’s one of those people who thinks diversity just means African American. And as an African American woman, she believes she is automatically the pinnacle example and supreme arbiter of diversity. Obviously not, but I doubt she gets that. This isn’t about her disapproval of marriage equality. It’s about the open and aggressive disapproval of marriage equality as a supposed advocate of diversity. This would be like the Secretary of Health and Human Services appearing in an ad for Marlboro. She can obviously have her opinion, keep it to herself or among her family, friends and perhaps even co-workers. But to appear in an ad endorsing this initiative is one step too far for someone in her role.

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