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WATCH: This gay Australian coming-of-age tale captures the passion of a whirlwind romance

A man hugs another man from behind near a telephone tower at dusk.
Image Credit: Ben King / © Of An Age Films Pty Ltd

“One day, one chance, one feeling. Will it last a moment, or a lifetime?”

That’s the question asked by Of An Age, a new queer, coming-of-age film that conjures up those butterflies-in-the-stomach feelings you get when a chance encounter just might change your whole life.

The film opens on a summer day in Australia, 1999. A teenaged Serbian immigrant named Kol is preparing for a dance contest when he receives a distressing call from his best friend, Ebony, in need of help after a wild night out.He immediately sets out to find her, bringing her handsome older brother, Adam, along for help. As they weave in and out of traffic, the two begin to form an intense connection, one that takes them both by surprise as it quickly develops into a romance.

A woman in a low-cut red dress, a man in a black tee and jeans, and a man in a black dance jumper walk toward the camera, side-by-side.
Image Credit: Ben King / © Of An Age Films Pty Ltd

But it’s all just a little too good to be true. The next day, Adam has to leave for South America, putting thousands of miles between him and Kol, effectively snuffing something out just as it was getting started.

Their story picks up again, many years later, when both men—looking noticeably more mature—arrive back in Australia for Ebony’s wedding. Will that spark between Kol and Adam still linger, after all this time?

Of An Age comes from Australian-Macedonian filmmaker Goran Stolevski, whose previous feature You Won’t Be Alone—a poetic, witchy wonder with rich queer themes—received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this past January. Stolevski is certainly a director to keep an eye out for, and we’re eager to see him tackle a story so personal.

In an early review, Screen Hub hailed it as one of “the most romantic stories [they’ve] ever seen unfold,” and the first official trailer sure sells that point, thanks to the film’s lush cinematography and a key soundtrack cut in Perfume Genius’ “Otherside.”

After playing the festival circuit last year, Of An Age heads to select U.S. theaters on February 10 (fittingly, that’s just a few days before Valentine’s Day). You can watch the trailer for the film below:

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