WATCH: Gay Conservative Behind “Twinks4Trump” Defends His Position


Remember Lucian Wintrich?

He made everyone go “ugh, what” a few weeks ago with a photo project called “Twinks for Trump,” featuring scantily-clad guys wearing Donald Trump hats.

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Well, he’s once again in the news, though not for having done much of anything: NBC posted a new video interview with him, which finds him complaining about how hard it is for gay conservatives to voice their opinions.

Of course, it’s not difficult for conservatives to talk — they’re free to say whatever they want, just as everyone else is free to point out that they don’t make any sense. Certainly it’s bizarre that a queer person would support Republicans, the party that shrugged its shoulders as tens of thousands of gay people died during the worst of the HIV epidemic.

It’s also the party that fought to keep LGBTs from adopting, that tried to keep us out of the Army, that thinks employers should be allowed to fire us.

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And it’s the party that still, to this day, endorses ex-gay abuse and the withdrawal of marriage equality. Don’t forget, Mike Pence literally defended the right of foreign powers to round up and kill queer people. And Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he’s opposed to marriage equality — do you think he has any plans (as Hillary does) to uphold nondiscrimination protection, end conversion snake-oil, revise the service records of soldiers discharged under DADT, or increase investment in the Global Equality Fund?

So it’s a little hard to see the satire in the Twinks For Trump photos. (On the other hand, it’s a bit easier to get the joke of the Twinks 4 Trump twitter account, an unrelated project that was started by someone else.)

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Lucian also reveals that he was fired from his day job after his project got media attention.

With any luck, he’ll be able to challenge that dismissal — thanks to laws that protect workers from discrimination.