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  • Anthony

    What about the lesbian couple too? Isn’t that one in the bottom, left-hand corner?

  • Rowan

    I like the idea, but I’m not sure I appreciate GLBT couples being compared to animals…

  • Oh, ok.

    @Rowan: What?

  • Blue

    I saw this earlier today, was shocked and happy when I noticed the small pic, had to see it again to believe it.

  • Jay

    @Rowan: Ditto. Their heart was in the right place but I’m tired of being thought of as alternative. I’m not alternative, I’m normal. We deserve front center attention and dignity just like everyone else.

  • cwm

    Doesn’t Google own YouTube? You know, the hugely-popular video site which immediately skitters to remove anything “offensive” (i.e. gay) if even one or two people complain?

  • what?

    @Rowan: i agree. i thought the interspecies romance was a little off-putting…

  • Phil

    Gay romance: As fantastical as aliens and jumping cookies. Duly noted.

  • Oh, ok.

    Oversensitive as usual.

  • Rowan

    I don’t think it’s oversensitive when there are mainstream politicians who explicitly link homosexuality and bestiality, like Santorum, the guy who’s presidential nomination campaign is looking increasingly possible.

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