WATCH: Gay Couple Talks About “Getting Political” With Obama At Easter Egg Roll

At the White House’s annual Easter Egg roll today, Jarrod Scarbrough and his partner of 18 years, Les Sewell, plan on asking President Obama to sign an executive order banning any firm that gets a federal contract from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Thomas Roberts invited them on the show earlier today to talk about why they’re going to “get political” with Obama at the holiday event.

“It’s definitely a political event,” said Scarbrough, who will be taking his eight-year-old daughter to the event. “As is anything that takes place in a place like the White House. We feel that, since this is a family event, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about all of the thousands of families that could benefit from this action.”

Sewell, who was sporting rainbow-dyed hair, said he thinks Obama will sign the executive order eventually—he’s had it since 2009, and the Departments of Justice and Labor have both approved it. But he wants to exert pressure on Obama to sign it sooner than later.

Sewell said they plan on moving to Florida in June, where the protections are less solid than in their current New Mexico. “Without this administrative action,” said Sewell, “Jarrod could lose his job, and then where would our family be?”

The event is attended by a lot of people, perhaps who also have political motivations of their own, so it will be difficult for this gay couple to get any real time with the President. But at least they’re trying, and honestly the publicity they’re getting from this media coverage should be enough to give the Obama administration the message, Easter Egg Roll facetime or no.