WATCH: Gay Couple’s 11-Year-Old Son Writes Letter To Justice Roberts

Headed by dads Bryan and Jay, the Leffews of Northern California started vlogging about their lives after Prop 8 passed. Usually its Bryan or Jay starring in the videos, but their 11-year-old son Daniel was excited about the upcoming Supreme Court marriage-equality cases, he wrote a letter to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Explains Bryan:

Our kids know that Prop 8 is coming to the Supreme Court soon and that could be a very big deal for our family. When they found out that one of the Justices hearing the case had two adopted children, they said, “Hey! They’re just like us!”… and so, in a moment that made his dads very proud, Daniel decided to write a letter to Justice Roberts in the hopes that he will see that our families are not so different.

Daniel’s letter is both inspiring and heart-wrenching.

Oh lord, here come the waterworks.