WATCH: Gay Crooner Sings Love Song To Minneapolis

He’s no Elton John or Adam Lambert, but single-moniker singer Jay has us humming through the Queerty offices today with his song “Minneapolis,” about a love connection he’s going to make in the Midwestern mecca.

And we thought Minneapolis just gave the world The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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  • Eric in Chicago

    ROFL – when I visited Minneapolis we’d say “we’re visiting from Chicago” and they’d say “WHY DID YOU COME HERE?”

  • RK

    Very nice! Definitely a cutie-pie.

  • the other Greg

    Mini-Noplace is certainly high on the list of Most Boring Gay Travel Destinations – it must be right up there with Pyongyang and Riyadh. Though maybe someone will say I’m being unfair to Pyongyang.

  • lbeast

    very sweet. now we need to see the boy he’s going to meet

  • Chris

    Come on now! I moved to Minneapolis from NYC 4 years ago and will never go back! This city is amazing, and I found the love of my life here.

  • dan

    If the lyrics read ‘kiss from a girl’ the Minneapolis chamber of commerce might love to use it in an ad for tourism. The song and performance is just that boringly non offensive.
    This is what happens when affordable HD meets self esteem.

  • Mark Miner

    You have to filter everything through the Minnesota dialect and way of talking. This is actually pretty racy, heart-on-the-sleeve, romantic stuff, for there.

    —Mark Miner

  • Bo

    Jay might not just be a rising star in Minneapolis! This kid has talent! What a catchy song. And beautifully sung. His voice has a very real and lovely quality to it. Just watching this guy, it’s obvious his talent is raw. The whole thing is just brilliant. And the lyrics are so smart!

    Sheesh, I can’t remember the last time a song made me cry.

    Hey Minnesota, you should all listen to this song before voting on your anti-gay marriage amendment this fall. This song will melt some cold hearts!

  • BeauBeau

    @Bo: And not just hearts that are cold from the weather!

  • BeauBeau

    I’ve lived in a few large cities with big gay scenes… (San Fran, Melbourne…) and although Minneapolis isn’t the biggest and best “in your face” gaycation, it’s definitely one of the greatest places to live. I can see why it wouldn’t be someone ideal travel destination, but I wouldn’t trade living in Minneapolis for anywhere else. If you can get over the weather, the culture, gay community, and too many other things to list make it amazing.

  • Emily

    So, so adore this. Boise could use a love song like this. But what rhymes with Boise?

  • adam

    he deserves major props, just for working the word “minneapolis” into such a catchy tune.

    say what you will about minnesota, minneapolis consistently ranks among the top ten gay cities in north america.

    did you catch the guy’s moonwalk halfway through the video?

  • Some Random Guy

    @Emily: Noisy?

  • Andy

    This made me smile and he has a lovely voice. Thanks.

  • burns2020

    Great song and great place to live! We will be there this weekend. We love you!

  • D P

    This guy and his production are just ADORABLE! He’s cute, has rhythm, and sings a catchy song. Initially, I didn’t like his voice, thinking he was singing too high for my comfort. But, I have to say that I got a warm cuddly feeling when I got into the song.

  • D P

    Okay, I’m going to be mushy here. But, call me a sentimental, hopeless romantic. Don’t you get an encouraging, buoyant feeling watching this video? I know he’s singing about a city, but the larger message I get is the certainty that love is just over the horizon. Yes, I bought the song and listened to it over a dozen times already. I’d never heard of this artist until today when I read the article on Queerty. Thanks, Queerty!

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