The Other Castro

WATCH: Gay Cubans Don’t Need Castro’s Approval to Stage a Pride Promenade… or Do They?

A small but dedicated group organized by Cuba’s LGBT Rights Observatory marched down the main street in Havana to commemorate Gay Pride Day. This stroll (a “march” would have required a police permit) was not sponsored by the country’s official LGBT organization, which is under the control of Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro.

Mariela has stated that pride parades are not needed in Cuba since gay citizens have rights and any such semblance would be considered a protest. Hmmm. Who appointed her dictator? Oh, that’s right. Her Dad. Imagine we lacked pride parades. We miss all the hot shows like this!

Police were still present during the independent demonstration, but no incidents have been reported. Some gay rights activists outside of Cuba are critical of how “independent” the march was, however, citing that perceived freedom of expression granted by Cuban government is just another form of propaganda.