WATCH: Gay-Dating Dealbreakers

Like many singles, Rob Anderson can’t believe the shenanigans some guys pull on the first date. But he actually produced this YouTube parody making fun of all the dealbreakers he encounters.

He forgot the one where the guy is actually Grindring on the date.

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  • FreddyMertz

    lol…sounds like my dates.

  • Zane

    Thank God! I’m not the only one!

  • Pete N SFO

    I recently had a guy tell me while toweling off, “Wow, that was really hot sex. I mean,
    you have just an average bod, but that was really hot sex.”

  • MarkG

    Some of these are really good and some of them explain why so many guys stay single for all of their adult lives (or longest lasting relationship is 6 months at age 40).

    Other reasons I have heard friends break up with people:

    – His BMW is over 3 years old.
    – After 3 months I just decided I couldn’t tolerate the smooth chest.
    – Can you imagine he wanted to stay home and cook and watch a movie instead of going to Rage?
    – He was too possessive he wanted me to be near him the whole night at the bar.

  • benny

    OMG those were hilarious

    and so true

  • jeff4justice


    1) A lot of it could be avoided by chatting on the phone before? meeting in person. Find out asap if a guy is out.

    2) If a guy cannot pick up the phone instead of texting he’s not worth dating.

    3) Should be easy to get a recent pic, don’t they have cams on most phones. See if they have a YouTube vid.

  • AshNYC

    @MarkG–what’s wrong with being 40 with only a 6 month relationship?

  • LaTeesha

    After 30 years of bliss, my “hubby” died. My friends & my kids encouraged me to date again. Now, I’m reminded why I decided to skip that whole merry-go-round again. I will leave that mess to the younger generation.

  • Tony

    My partner and I were recently drug on a series of double dates with a straight friend who is trying to find “Mr. Right”. 20 minutes into the first one, we decided that we were staying together for life just to avoid this sort of ridiculousness.

  • Shannon1981

    This is where the beauty of online dating comes in. If a girl is a closet case, a republican, has/wants kids, or is religious, just hang that up. Either friend zoned or never spoken to again.

  • SFMatt

    Shannon, anyone who wants to “date” you online or IRL should take your own advice and “just hang that up”.

  • Allnighter

    Some of these were okay, but I cringed at a lot of them. The guy seems like kind of a jerk – it’s a deal breaker that someone is working retail? It’s a deal breaker that a guy isn’t as “masc” as he initially seemed? The “loud laugh”?

  • Neal

    @Allnighter: I think its a fun take on dating standards. For him, its a dealbreaker for an adult to be working at a low-end retail store, I think thats funny and probably true for others as well. And guys acting masculine just because they think other guys will like them more- thats such a dealbreaker!

  • Remy

    Uhmmmm I think I love him. He’s pretty hilarious.

  • Will

    @Shannon1981: I think he is alluding to the fact that you have some pretty intolerant standards for what constitutes a quality date; which, while appropriate for yourself, other people may find inappropriate, rude, or just plain old bigoted.

  • Elloreigh

    Then there’s the list of things that make someone a keeper:

    1) Volunteers to help me rearrange furniture and finish my laundry so that we don’t have to let a day pass between dates 1 & 2.

    2) The Cat, who hates most people, sees him napping on the couch, and decides to join him by curling up on his chest.

    3) Isn’t freaked out when I explain that one of my hobbies requires lots of time spent in cemeteries, peering at microfilm in libraries, and driving miles and miles to the middle of nowhere to do research. In fact, we stop by a local cemetery on our 3rd(?) date.

    4) Laughs when I’m too honest instead of getting mad. Also finds it hilarious when I start ranting about something.

    5) Understands my bizarre sense of humor, for which his is a perfect match.

    6) Is instantly adored not just by the cat, but also my entire family.

    All true. We pretty much bypassed dating and went directly into spending 4 of 5 weeknights and entire weekends together. For 8 months. The cat decided to force the issue by getting sick and needing medicine every morning and night. So we had to move in together. That was 11 years ago, and we’ve outlasted the cat, who now resides in a nice mahogany box with his name etched in a gold plate on the front.

    Believe me, I’m eternally grateful for my good fortune.

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