WATCH: Gay Man Caught In Net Of Lies On MTV’s “Catfish”; Has This Happened To You?

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Gay men are sometimes dishonest in their online profiles. Go ahead and take a moment to process this earth-shattering revelation. Yet some people are so desperate hopeful to find Mr. Right that they overlook all the signs that their online beaus might not be the dreamboats they claim to be. These folks can thank God and Google for Nev Shulman and his MTV series Catfish. Inspired by his acclaimed 2010 documentary about his own experience with online liars, Shulman’s weekly series helps out other people who refuse to believe the old adage about things that are too good to be true.

For example, take Anthony, a former military man who was wounded during the Iraq war. Now living in Texas, he began to isolate himself from anyone who reminded himself of the hardships he encountered in Iraq. Eventually Anthony met “Marq” online, began to open up and soon fell in love.

Anthony even traveled to Mississippi to meet his beloved, who, as fate would have it, was involved in a terrible traffic accident their rendez-vous. Anthony smelled a rat, suspected he was being “catfished” (yes, it’s now a verb) but wasn’t ready to move on.

“I can tell him stuff that I can’t tell anybody, and he does the same to me, and I’ve really never had that type of relationship with another person,” Anthony says. “I just don’t wanna give up that easy.”

To preserve his sanity and pride, Anthony reached out to Shulman to find out the real identity of his cyber paramour.

Watch the full episode here.  Share your online catfish stories in the comments section.


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  • stfallon1028

    Nev Shulman is one to talk about duplicitous behavior, on the net or off. The most memorable moment of Catfish was his tramp stamp tattoo. As for Anthony, he’s sexy, stylish, and a war hero. He doesn’t need no damn Internet romance with some ratchet nobody

  • Jackhoffsky

    Can you believe… i have the exact OPPOSITE issue? I keep telling people I’M NOT MY ONLINE PROFILE. Didn’t work. Still got stalkers.

    So now I’m happily without facebook or any online profiles, just meeting people in person like the old days.

    Point is, you don’t know shit till you see them in the eyes. And you don’t fall in love with your computer screen.

  • mattsy

    is Neve the host gay? and his boyfriend is the silver fox with the camera!!

  • jwrappaport

    Got catfished once in undergrad by a guy claiming to be a 28-year-old former Marine with a BA in philosophy and English from Dartmouth. Handsome, great body, scintillating conversation (and a tremendous knowledge of late Beethoven). And then we Skyped three weeks later: the 6’2″ hunk I thought I was speaking to appeared as a shorter, fatter, balder gentleman of at least 50 years. He looked like the Nazi whose face melted at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • Kangol


    Your comment made me laugh out loud! Thank you!

    The Catfish episode was sad, as they often are, because the person playing the games was really emotionally damaged. I give cute veteran Anthony a lot of credit, though, for being forgiving, and moving on with his life. He is a a beautiful man inside and out.

  • dvsBTM

    Catfished? *sigh* Haven’t we all been?

  • Alan down in Florida

    The genesis of Catfish comes from a movie of the same name in which Nev tracks down the woman that he personally has fallen in love with online while his filmmaker brother films. So, no Nev is not gay (though he certainly resembles a certain gay stereotype and he clearly is more in touch with emotions than your average straight gay). Don’t know Max’s personal story is but IMHO he is one of the sexiest men on TV.

  • Stache1

    Oh god. What a drama queen. Oh gurl just cry a little more for effect.

  • jasentylar

    @jwrappaport: The most hilarious comment EVER! Thank you !!!

  • newecreator

    I saw this on The Soup. It was funny at first but then it hit me. It hurts.

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