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WATCH: Drunk woman slaps gay man & calls him a ‘fat f*ggot’ in disturbing video

Ryan Carrington, homophobe, woman, England, slap
Ryan Carrington and the drunk woman who slapped him. (image via Facebook video screenshot)

A gay man named Ryan Carrington miraculously managed not to deck a drunk woman who slapped him, shoved him and called him a “fat f*ggot” outside of the Black Friar pub in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on Friday, August 16.

PinkNews reports that the woman, who obviously had three too many and stumbles around with slurred speech, starts by saying, “You don’t like women because you’re a gay bod. And you don’t like f*cking women. That’s what your problem is, you big fat f*ggot.” (Bod is British slang for “dude” or “person.”)

Kinda makes you wonder if she’s attracted to him.

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Anyway, Carrington keeps his cool, continues smoking his cigarette (or “f*g” as they call them in England), looks the woman in the eye and dismissively says, “I’ve been insulted by better than you, darling, by people with far more intelligence.”

She then tells him that he “stinks of sh*t” and keeps calling him a “fat f*ggot.” She gets in his face and when he turns away, she shoves him from behind. He then steps up to the woman, towering over her by at least two feet, and says, “If you push me again, I’ll f*cking deck you. Stay away from me. Stay away from me.”

As he backs up from her, she then slaps the back of his head, acting like a real tough lady, drunken mess that she is.

She keeps saying, “Don’t you dare. You have no respect for women,” as he keeps her at a distance with a single outstretched hand. She repeatedly tries to punch and slap him while drunkenly yelling at him.

When two people come out to defend Carrington, he stands between them and her so that she doesn’t hit them as well. Shortly after, the police roll up and Carrtington says, “Now hit me again, b*tch.”

Carrington is a saint as far as we’re concerned and the drunk woman should thank her lucky stars that he didn’t lay her out. Not only did he not smack her, but he says he endured far more than the four minutes of abuse recorded on video. He also told people not to hate on his attacker.

“I doubt it’s the life she would have chosen if she had a choice,” he wrote on Facebook. “Let’s not condemn her, let’s try to help and educate — far more rewarding.”

The woman was arrested for disturbing the public order. If Carrington had hit her back, it’s possible that he could’ve been arrested as well. Sometimes it’s better to just record an incident and let the person bury themselves under evidence of their bigotry rather than destroy them just because you can.