WATCH: Gay Reporter Kicked Off Russian TV For Shutting It Down Over Anti-Gay Law

Wearing his “gay pride” suspenders and openly not giving a fuck, reporter Jamie Kirchick was asked onto the Kremlin-funded network, RT, to discuss the Bradley Manning trial — instead he went on an amazing tirade against Russia’s controversial anti-gay propaganda law, which ultimately got him kicked off the air.

“I’m not really interested in talking about Bradley Manning,” Kirchik said, adjusting his glasses so he could properly read the RT journalists to filth. “I’m interested in talking about the horrific environment of homophobia in Russia right now. And to let the Russian gay people know that they have friends and allies and solidarity from people all over the world. And that we are not going to be silent in the face of this horrific repression that is perpetrated by your paymasters, by Vladimir Putin. That’s what I’m here to talk about.”

Kirchick also asked the other pundits how they could go to sleep at night, let alone call themselves journalists, when journalists in Russia are “routinely harassed, tortured and sometimes killed by the government.” The host, clearly at a loss, tried to keep the show on the rails, insisting that Kirchick had to “come over here and see for yourself.” But Kirchick had already taken over this train and ran that shit right through a tunnel of “not having it.”

“You have 24 hours a day to lie about America, I am going to tell the truth with my two minutes,” he said. Kirchick then disappeared shortly after this exchange, with the host explaining that “a guest” had “used the chance to discuss his views on other unrelated issues and that’s why we had to take him off air.”

After dismissing Kirchick, the good sports at RT also refused to continue his car service:


Meanwhile, America’s (now second) favorite gay reporter has already asked Kirchick to appear on Anderson Cooper 360.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon