WATCH: Gay Russian Pop Star Spreads Some Propaganda With His “Sexual Obsession”

Paris-based Russian gay Igor Dewe and his merry band of “sex friends” spread some “love propaganda,” all while serving some serious looks in the video for “Sexual Obsession. Why we aren’t wearing wrestling singlets with crop tops, baggy high-waisted jeans and a leather fanny pack everyday of the week is a mystery and a tragedy. Speaking of tragedies, Igor says the song is against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, which bars the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” in the presence of children. Thus we have some twerking (Igor’s dropping it all over town, kids), a lot of boy-on-boy kissing and a really cute happy ending when Igor gets his man: ’90s-era Matthew Perry.

And just because it’s been a long weekend:


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Click here for more on Igor Dewe.

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  • Scribe38

    Wow sooo camp and fun! Reminded me of 80’s Madonna

  • Dev.C

    This song is actually really cute, I’m not sure how risky it is being that it’s filmed in Paris.

  • mz.sam

    Fun video and Igor should be so fortunate Russian filming this in Paris and not his native homeland.

  • thegoon

    Awful music, awful song, awful video.

  • mpwaite

    @thegoon… Well, darlin your name kind of says it all…. LIGHTEN UP.

  • rcblue73

    Bearded guy reminds me of 1970s gay porn icon Al Parker.

  • Carlton Raines

    I find this video sad,and cheap, it’s this sort of behavior that get’s gay people targeted as abnormal,Gay people do not act like this,This just give’s fuel to those religious people,Sad, Very Sad

  • Errol Semple

    Reminds me of Freddie Mercury.

  • ToxicLittleQueen

    @Carlton Raines: Oh my dog, you’re right! If every single person on the planet adopted a patriarcal white, cis, hetero, able-bodied, middle-class, christian lifestyle, there’d be no more discrimination. YOU SOLVED BIGOTRY, YOU FREAKING GENIUS!!

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