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WATCH: A gay serial killer clown gets exposed… in his own words

The trailer for the new Netflix docuseries Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy tapes has arrived, and we’re already terrified.

For anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Gacy, in the 1970s he stood out as a prominent and politically active member of the community in Waterloo, Iowa. He even moonlighted as a birthday clown. Behind closed doors, however, he began to prey on young men, prying them with alcohol and forcing them to engage in violent sex acts. In 1978, police arrested him in connection with the murder of more than 33 men, most of whom investigators found buried in the crawl space under his home. A jury sentenced him to execution; he died in prison in 1994.

Now Netflix has unearthed never before heard tapes of Gacy discussing his crimes, as well as filmed new interviews with Gacy’s friends, associates, and several of his would-be victims. Conversations with a Killer sheds new light on the pathology of one of America’s most horrifying killers.

Have a look and brace yourselves. The new series arrives on Netflix April 20.

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