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WATCH: Gay Trumpster Richard Grenell laughed off stage in Nevada

Richard Grenell and President Donald Trump
Richard Grenell and President Donald Trump (Photo: @RichardGrenell | Twitter)

Queer turncoat and former ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump Thursday morning in a comically weird press conference in Nevada.

As the Trump campaign continues to give out conflicting messages–screaming to stop the vote in certain states such as Pennsylvania while screaming to keep counting votes in a state like Nevada–former Acting Director of National Intelligence Grenell showed up in Nevada to encourage…something.

“Votes,” Grenell uttered with affected gravitas. “Ballots versus legal votes: that’s what we’re talking about. It’s unacceptable in this country.”

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We think that was Grenell’s way of charging voter fraud in Nevada, for which there is no evidence. In any case, his remarks only get weirder from there. After stepping away from the microphone, and amid shouts of “What’s your name” from captive reporters, Grenell then issued an ever weirder addendum.

“Listen, you’re here to take in information, ok? Do your job,” Grenell sasses.

Given that the reporters in question were trying to “take in information,” it probably would have behoved Grenell to actually say something relevant. When pressed by MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff, both Grenell and Matt Schlapp rushed to a campaign bus when pressed over Trump campaign charges of voter fraud or a lack of poll observers. Officials in Nevada do have bipartisan vote watchers in place, and have not uncovered any evidence of voter fraud.

As one of the few gay Trump Administration appointees, Richard Grenell has become a high profile fixture of the campaign, frequently touting Trump’s “pro-LGBTQ” record, despite a wealth of evidence showing that Trump is the most anti-queer president in American history.