WATCH: George Takei Compares Anti-Gay TN Lawmakers To “Friends Of Dorothy”

Leave it to George Takei to come up with a brilliant analogy to describe the way three Tennessee lawmakers are acting: like “friends of Dorothy.”

In a tongue-in-cheek fireside chat, Takei compares state Sen. Stacey Campfield, sponsor of the odious “Don’t Say Gay” bill to the the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

“Mister Campfield, your ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is truly a straw man,” says Takei, “So if we can’t say gay, we’ll just say Takei. So here’s an ‘It’s OK To Be Takei’ shirt to wear to help you grow a brain.”

Maybe it’s true that Dorothy’s good ol’ Kansas is probably better for gay youth than Tennessee. Thanks, George, for continuing to be the OG of out celebrities.

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  • Bruce Wayne

    You Go, George! Still…..wouldn’t it be Easier to Just Drop a House on them!?


  • Spike

    I don’t understand why George would go on that clown Donald Trumps show.

    And now he is supposedly going to have lunch with that idiot to discuss marriage
    equality. Why George? Who cares what that fool’s opinion is regarding marriage

  • Skeloric

    @Spike: I would say, “He is being an optimist.” I’m going to also opine that we offer a lot of the stick, yet forget to offer a carrot. There are “Gay Conservative” idiots out there that think we should only offer carrots and forget the stick. We, of course, know their opposition stems from how effective the stick truly is. Their opposition to the stick is merely one additional proof of how they truly are NOT champions of Equal Rights. In all of this though, the carrot can get lost. If Mr. Takei manages to successfully create another ally by use of the carrot he offers, it is all worth it. PLUS, such beautiful eloquence is also wonderful for others to see. Even if his target proves unreachable, there might be another out there who looks at Mr. Takei’s attempt to reach out, followed by the reaction and then realizes that maybe — just MAYBE — the Conservative viewpoint on Equal Rights is wrong. Doubt is good, it is their certainty that is the problem.

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