WATCH: Get Ready To Cry At Kyle’s A Capella Proposal To Tommy

We are willing to make an exception to our strict “no a capella” rule for this dare-you-not-to-cry proposal video. From the description:

Tommy and Kyle met in November 2007 and started dating in June 2008. Over Tommy’s college career he was a part of the award winning all-male a cappella group the Boston University Dear Abbeys. On April 28th 2012, the 20th anniversary show of the group as well as the release of their new album (Proclamation) which Tommy produced and recorded, Kyle conspired with the Dear Abbeys to make it a night Tommy would never forget.

Skip to 1:10 for the big moment, 3:00 for the down-on-one-knee moment, and skip to 7:20 for a bro-hug. Best wishes to the happy couple!