WATCH: Get Under the Sheets With Johnathon

Who cares about thread count went you’ve got a beefy stud like Peter Calandra rolling around in your bed? This clip, entitled “Saturday Morning” is actually a promo reel for the new luxury linens brand Johnathon, named after founder Johnathon Abrielle.

“I wanted something that was pure, basic and luxurious. Nothing fussy, but beautifully made, something that not only looked great, but made you feel great. Think about it: We spend a lot of our lives in bed, and you will clock in more time against those sheets than any favorite pair of jeans or T-shirt.

Abrielle prefers clean and simple design—basic crisp white sheets with the subtle antler logo

No wild colors, no prints you’ll think are cool but will be sick of looking at a few months down the road. Nothing that will make your room look like some hotel. If you want flowers and lace, look somewhere else. If you want to sleep on a T-shirt or some slippery satin sheets, there are lots of other places to get that stuff. Same with funky colors and prints to take you back to your dorm room days. Not here.

Well we’d just love a set—if Peter there comes with them.