WATCH: Get “Wet” With Andrew Christian

Proving that sex sells, or at least salivates, Andrew Christian’ latest video, Wet, is a wet dream just waiting to happen.

Models Brandon Wertz, Jose Valdivia, Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) and newcomer Josh Scarpuzzi strip down and get sexually assaulted by some very lucky H2O, but between all that moist man candy there’s some underwear too, including the Arena Brief, which Andrew Christian is offering for 17% off.

Details on the sale are here and more importantly, the uncensored version of the video is here.

Bring a towel.

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  • horace

    Anyone who buys their outpriced shit is a fool.

  • adam madam

    hot boys in skimpy underwear & jocks, but this is REALLY boring.

    they thought having a few hot, censored men . . . drip for five minutes would sell overly expensive underwear?


  • Victor_in_PA

    Why was the video censored? I don’t get it.

  • DirtyOleMan

    The hell with the under clothes, they can come over to our house any time,
    ‘cuz while uncensored they are so delicious!!

  • Rockery

    They are hot

    The Kat Graham “Put Your Graffiti on Me” is still the absolute best

    the censoring is annoying it hurts my eyes

    is the water ice cold? some them look tortured

  • Victor_in_PA

    @Evji108: No, I got the link and watched it which is why I was asking why it was censored. Didn’t seem to be anything that needed to be censored to me. It was a legitimate question. Especially since it’s on a gay site.

  • Derek Williams

    Considering that it’s not so long ago that we used to get jailed for this, I find criticisms unfortunate.

    Sneering about the cost is also misplaced I feel. We’re not compelled to buy their product, nor to watch the ads. The option not to watch, and not to buy remains steadfastly in place.

    Anyway, I think these guys are super hot, the video action of high quality and I’m just glad there’s a company willing to go the extra distance to make stunning ads like this. I may even buy some of their clothing even though I don’t have the body to go with it.

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