WATCH: Getting Too Close To The Straight Boy In “Curious Thing”

We’ve all been there: We meet a guy and there’s a physical attraction, but also a deeper mental connection. Only thing is, he’s straight (supposedly) and the relationship becomes exquisite torture for the both of you.

Based on a true account and featuring audio accounts of such pairings, Alan Hain and Jason Mill’s 2009 short “Curious Thing” delves into the complicated tension that sometimes exists between gay men and their straight friends—on both sides. “Where it can get confusing for a straight man and a gay man is when they connect on every other level,” Mills told The New York Times, “and then the gay man starts to question, ‘Well if there was just that one other thing, this could be perfect.’ ”

It ain’t always just the gay man thinking that—and it probably happens to women just as often (if not more). Share your tale of amour fou in the comments, mes amis.