WATCH: Glambert’s Back With New Single and Behind The Music Special

Behold, Adamites, we bring you the new Adam Lambert song “Outlaws of Love.” Yes, it’s a stripped-down live version from a recent show in Quebec, but the track is scheduled to be on his as-yet-unnamed sophomore album. “Outlaws” arrives just in time to pique your interest in Glambert’s upcoming Behind the Music episode, airing on VH1 this Sunday, August 7, at 10pm.

Admittedly, it’s weird seeing Behind The Music episodes for artists whose careers are still in their first or second wave. It makes you wonder what they’ll fill the airtime with since there’s been no “…and then, he hit bottom” moment. In Lambert’s case, it appears that the usual rock-n-roll-excess montages have swapped places with some sweet moments with his mom, Leila, who says:

I thought this is a golden opportunity for me to say something to him. And I said, ‘You know, you can tell me anything. Do you want to have a girlfriend?’ And he said, no, not really. And I said, ‘Do you want to have a boyfriend?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I don’t know, maybe.’ And so at that moment, that was the first time he ever really said that.

As well as some justifiably rankled commentary from Lambert himself on that whole dumb guy-on-guy kiss controversy:

It felt like I was coming under attack, for reasons that were probably a little deeper then actually what I did. In fact the next day on television the talk show that did end up having me on as a guest last minute showed the kiss between Christina, Madonna, and Britney and then immediately followed it with a clip of my kiss with my bass player and they blurred it out. In that moment I thought well what message is this sending to kids? Is this sending that being two girls and kissing is okay, but two guys kissing is not okay? It was really frustrating.

Here’s a little sneak from the show: