WATCH: Glambert’s Back With New Single and Behind The Music Special

Behold, Adamites, we bring you the new Adam Lambert song “Outlaws of Love.” Yes, it’s a stripped-down live version from a recent show in Quebec, but the track is scheduled to be on his as-yet-unnamed sophomore album. “Outlaws” arrives just in time to pique your interest in Glambert’s upcoming Behind the Music episode, airing on VH1 this Sunday, August 7, at 10pm.

Admittedly, it’s weird seeing Behind The Music episodes for artists whose careers are still in their first or second wave. It makes you wonder what they’ll fill the airtime with since there’s been no “…and then, he hit bottom” moment. In Lambert’s case, it appears that the usual rock-n-roll-excess montages have swapped places with some sweet moments with his mom, Leila, who says:

I thought this is a golden opportunity for me to say something to him. And I said, ‘You know, you can tell me anything. Do you want to have a girlfriend?’ And he said, no, not really. And I said, ‘Do you want to have a boyfriend?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I don’t know, maybe.’ And so at that moment, that was the first time he ever really said that.

As well as some justifiably rankled commentary from Lambert himself on that whole dumb guy-on-guy kiss controversy:

It felt like I was coming under attack, for reasons that were probably a little deeper then actually what I did. In fact the next day on television the talk show that did end up having me on as a guest last minute showed the kiss between Christina, Madonna, and Britney and then immediately followed it with a clip of my kiss with my bass player and they blurred it out. In that moment I thought well what message is this sending to kids? Is this sending that being two girls and kissing is okay, but two guys kissing is not okay? It was really frustrating.

Here’s a little sneak from the show:

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  • NateB79

    Who is this again?

  • UKGlambert

    Outlaws of Love isn’t Adams new single……..will be on the upcoming new album though

  • Pickles55

    He did have a career before American Idol so I don’t know why they’d need filler. he was doing studio and demo work, he had a rock band and traveled with the companies of 3 musicals and he was a bit part of the Zodiac Show.

    I think it would be really interesting to explore the pros and cons of his musical career before and after American Idol.

    I don’t think every Behind the Music subject has to be a hot mess train-wreck (although there is president for that kind of story)

  • Pickles55

    I meant “big” part of the Zodiac Show. Really wish we could edit our posts.

  • whatever

    His 15 minutes are WAY up. Nobody cares about him anymore. He cant even sell an album or song. Its over Adam. BYE BYE

  • adamrocks

    O.K whatever- jealous much?? Why you here then? Nobody cares- NOT- adam is growing by leaps and bounds- Bye- Bye to you!

  • Spike

    Yawn. Time for the American Idol gay that wears eyeliner to go away.

  • Jase

    @whatever: Yeah, really sounds like the crowd doesn’t care

  • Chris

    I can’t stand him because he is a pop artist who has other (better) pop starts write his songs.

    But it is nice to have so many people cheering for a gay. Sure, as a music fan I think they are overzealous, but it is like Glee. I hate the show, but when everyone cheered for the gay kisses in the live performance, it really warmed my heart.

  • Sammi

    “I can’t stand him because he is a pop artist who has other (better) pop starts write his songs.”

    Geez, dude, he had all of three months to put together his debut album, while being on tour for American Idol for a good portion of that time – cut him a little slack. For his upcoming sophomore album, he’s co-writing on most, if not all, of the tracks.

  • Bianca

    Truth is, many gays just can’t stand to see one of their own succeed. Let them stay in the closet and the gay community to keep whining why gays don’t come out.

    Here, bitches, this should make for a fascinating read – the Luke Evans thread and his miraculous straight transformation,10701757,1

  • xander

    ‘Popstar’ careers used to be counted in decades, now they’re counted in minutes.

    Longevity in the business only seems to happen for those who can keep evolving and gaining new fans without losing too many of the original ones. Raw talent’s not enough.

    I hope Adam can and will do great things, but admittedly it’s mostly because he is an out gay man in a industry with so few Out people.

  • CarolCollins

    @Pickles55: What you said !!! I don’t think most people know about all Adam’s work BEFORE Idol. It is incredible and awe-inspiring. There is enough just about that part of his life to fill a 2 hour BTM.

  • rodca


    “see one of THEIR own…” ???

    So, you a self proclaimed expert on the “gay community”??? You’re little, mentally deficient lecture is as irrelevant as you.

    Crawl back under your rock.

    @xander I agree but I think Adam has the capability to reinvent himself. He literally can sing any Genre (well, maybe exluding country :-) ) If twitter and facebook are any indicators his fanbase continues to grow and as of late pretty rapidly.

  • xander

    @rodca : OK, you (and @Carol Collins) have now convinced me to give AL’s next round of music a serious listen. If it’s rubbish, I’m just coming back on here to find the pair of you to complain to, Lol!

    I did so hope, btw, that Fantasia would keep on with her success, but she’s gone missing i fear…

  • Bianca


    What the hell is YOUR problem??? It’s enough to read this thread as proof that I AM right. Go read on many other forums and you’ll see what I mean. Adam is hardly the only gay artist who gets hate just as much from gays as from crazy, right wing religious nuts.

  • Wry Bred

    Incredibly talented man. Incredibly talented out and proud man.

    For me, it doesn’t get much better than that. I wish him phenomenal success (as well as audience members who have enough respect to keep their big traps shut while he’s performing).

  • rodca


    Trust me, I’ve been to many forums and sites and the most vile comments come from mainstream sites from “STR8” posters. Should I then conclude the many in the STR8 community are out to destroy Adam? No, why. Postings are anonymous, who knows if they are coming from VFTW, one person posting under multiple names, competing fanbases, internet trolls. As I write this there are 16 posts: 1 snarky?; 2 negative; 1 Supportive but doesn’t care for his music. Boy, that’s enough to generalize about the “Gay Community”, isn’t it. A few weeks ago, the same situation at Towleroad: 2 negative comments and the “Bad Gay” lecture from a Glambert!

    I frequently visit the gay blogs and whenever Adam is mentioned, I see a some negative posts that I don’t recognize the authors name. This, followed by the Glambert invasion calling out the “Gay Community” for being “Bad Gays.” Many Gays like Adam as an artist. some don’t. Is that so different from any identifiable group?

    I respect any poster who may disagree but I won’t respect any poster who feels the need to generalize about the “Gay Community” regarding Adam based upon anonymous posts to a blog. In the past, I’ve ignored the generalizations. I decided I won’t anymore.

    I’ve said it before: Homo doesn’t mean homogeneous!

  • OutnProud

    Whatever talent he might have is easily overlooked by his silly appearance. One day she’ll look back and think, what was I thinking?

  • Red

    There is no need to attack Adam’s choice of wearing makeup and how he dresses himself as a performer. Whatever happened to the gay community being more accepting differences? You have got to quit acting like you presume to know the best way a gay man should look and behave. You get ticked off when heterosexists tell you how to live your lives, yet you have no qualms heaping the same kind of pressure and criticism on one another. This is no wonder why many gay artists find it hard to come out and be who they are because of judgemental shit like that. Adam is being very brave because the fact is much of this country is still homophobic. Just acknowledge that a young gay man out there is doing well for themselves in spite of being openly gay.

  • rodca

    Another of the Glambatz (as opposed to repectful Glamberts) heard from. Naughty @OutnProud! How dare you have an opinion! Listen to Mama @Red as, you know, your opinion reflects the whole gay community! What would we do without these “gay community” experts on this site.

  • Alexspade93

    It’s funny and jeasly to read all this stupid comments from all this stupid haters who said that his “15 minutes” are over. Can’t understand, where it’s from? Is it simply jealousy or simply idiocy? I went to Moscow to see his performance at rock fest Maxidrom in May. I saw how many fans he has here in Russia which is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. I saw radical fans of Corn and Prodigy who told that they will be beat up Lambert on this fest because he’s gay. And I saw how they all listen to him with open mouths because of his incredible voice and tendered an ovation to him at the end of his performance. So shut up, untalented maroons and better be silence about this man even if you don”t like him.

  • Alexspade93

    How funny and jeasly to read all this stupid comments from all this stupid haters who said that his “15 minutes” are over. Can’t understand, where it’s from? Is it simply jealousy or simply idiocy? I went to Moscow to see his performance at rock fest Maxidrom in May. I saw how many fans he has here in Russia which is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. I saw radical fans of Corn and Prodigy who told that they will be beat up Lambert on this fest because he’s gay. And I saw how they all listen to him with open mouths because of his incredible voice and tendered an ovation to him at the end of his performance. So shut up, untalented maroons and better be silence about this man even if you don”t like him.

  • Red


    Why don’t you chastise OutnProud for referring to Adam as “she”? You can’t deny the fact that homophobic comments coming from gay men who hate flamboyant gay men are pretty much tolerated in the gay community. The “straight-acting” worshippers never want to admit their bulls**t and they would gladly use homophobia to insult a flamboyant gay man for not representing their view on how all gay men should look and behave.

  • Shannon1981

    @Bianca: Its really condescending, the way you are speaking to us. “one of our own?” Really? I am a self proclaimed, numbered Glambert, but I barely can stand the traditional Adam Lambert sites anymore, all because of self proclaimed experts on the gay community like yourself, who are really just ‘phobes who can’t see themselves for what they are. You people will never learn, will you? It isn’t your place to come to a GAY website to talk to GAY people about what we should and should not say about GAY celebrities.

  • Shannon1981

    Now that I have said my piece to the glambatz(thanks rodca for the term!)- I absolutely LOVE the song. Hope to have it as a ringtone for my Droid when the track is made into one.

  • rodca

    @Red You really miss the point don’t you? Wow! The REAL question you should be asking YOURSELF: Why do I address the my disagreement with the comment of one individual to the “gay community” instead of addressing it to the person I diagreed with? If you HAD addressed your point to OutnProud I wouldn’t have posted as I actually would have agreed with what you said. However, when you address it to the “Gay Community,” you are addressing it to his gay supporters (and there are many) as well.

    @Shannon1981 *Waves* Hi there, haven’t seen you in awhile! I love the song as well!

    Well, aside from all screaming str8 women. I can’t understand why all str8 women have scream at concerts when a perfomer is singing. Have they no respect fo others who may actually want to hear the song? I guess thats just the way it is in the “Str8 Community,” sigh. :)

  • Bianca


    Bitch please!!! If you were such a great Adam fan you’d know HE said the same thing I did and more than once!!! It hurts him that he gets so much abuse from gays.
    YOU clearly see what you want to see and not what IS!

  • rodca


    If you had half a brain you’d realize this has nothing to do with Adam. Its about self absorbed Glambatz like yourself. But i guess having any sort of cognitive ability is too much to expect from a Glambatz.

  • Shannon1981

    @rodca: *waves back* Yeah I read, but have little time to engage in conversations online these days….grassroots activism + 18 hour semester + job = busy busy Shannon!

    and you are right about the Glambatz. So funny how there are like 3 LGBT fans left on the site of a gay artist. And the straight superiority, obsessive ownership, and complete ignorance of the gay community is why.

  • Shannon1981

    @Bianca the Glamberts are like Claymates 2.0 TURBO. You will be the ruin of Adam Lambert, just like the Claymates were largely the ruin of Clay Aiken. Nobody wants to associate with that brand of obsessive crazy. Luckily, he does have SOME sane fans left, and that will hopefully be his saving grace. But the way you guys invade gay sites and disrupt the regulars and spew bullshit is tiresome. It isn’t ADAM the gays have a problem with. Its the crazy straight women taking ownership of a gay artist, pretending they know so much about our community when you so clearly know NOTHING, and acting like you own our community just because you got your panties wet over a gay pop star. It’s sick.

  • Mals

    I can understand a resentment toward straight people who come onto a web site for gay people and make statements that seem to speak for that group. Please don’t yell at me or call me names but I do have a couple questions and would appreciate a better understanding.
    Being a straight person and a guidance counselor in the public schools I have to admire what Adam has done to help bi and gay youth feel more comfortable in their skin. Let me include in that statement any student who is “different” in the way they look, act, dress, and have suffered taunting or exclusion as a result. I have been working this job for over 20 years and there was no Ricky Martin early on making those statements or role modeling for these young people in order for them to identify with. Now in the last two years I have students both gay and straight express to me how Adam has touched them through his music and what he says. So even if someone doesn’t like his music or stage presence, can we at least give him credit for his efforts in this area of respecting differences? (Trevor project, It Gets Better campaign, living proudly as a gay man –did you see him hold his boyfriend’s hand on the red carpet at the American Idol finale this year?). People who try to say he kept his sexuality secret while he was on the show I guess aren’t aware that the Idol contestants are kept in a bubble and can’t do interviews while they are on the show. And my other question is why is Ricky Martin considered such a hero for finally coming out when he denied it for so many years–George Michael too? Yes, I know that is not for me to judge (when a person chooses to come out) but I don’t feel Adam is given the credit he deserves for being out there, living as a gay young man in LA even before Idol and after Idol immediately clearing up any questions –and this latest song “Outlaws of Love” is just a beautiful piece of music and not your everyday pop anthem talking about acceptance we are so used to hearing from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. It goes so much deeper imo.
    Now I will be quiet and will appreciate your help with my questions. Thanks

  • Shannon1981

    @Mals: I have personally NO ISSUE WHATSOEVER with respectful people like you in our space. It is the clueless individuals like Bianca here who are the problem. I was a regular on Adam Official for the longest time, and even had a membership to his paid fan club. You might remember me- I am glambertgalore on AI sites. But I got fed up with the gay fans being shouted down on the fan site of a gay man, told them what they were doing wrong when they came to gay sites, and they exploded at me. The answer to Adam’s problems is simple: the crazy straight female fans who are obsessed with him. They roam the internet and oppress anyone who doesn’t think the way they do, and also have the absolute GALL to actively tell gay people what they should and should not think and say about Adam Lambert, as well as claim to be complete experts on the gay community, all the while posting ignorance ridden with blatant homophobia. It’s disgusting, and, IMO Adam would be a lot better off without many of them.

    The other people you mention are heralded because they are older. Even ten years ago, it would have been career suicide to do as Adam has done and come out at the beginning of their careers. They have lived with the fear that all of us live with each and every day-only on a much larger scale- and managed to overcome that and come out. I hope that helps, feel free to ask anything else you like.

  • Mals

    @Shannon1981: Yes, thank you– that does help me to understand. And I am in agreement with you about some of Adam’s fans. They are an embarrassment I am sure to him and to those of us who follow him like we do any other musician whom we enjoy the music of (but don’t fantasize about or obsess over.)

  • Daez

    @Red: That would be because the entire world sees all gay men as feminine because a few feminine ones can’t leave the eyeliner alone. Being gay is not a choice…WEARING EYELINER IS!

  • Shannon1981

    @Mals: Glad he has a few sane fans left. As much as I love Adam and his music, and feel that he is a great example to the gay community, my interest is more casual these days. I’ll still follow and buy his music, of course….but I just have zero interest in being associated with the nutjobs that are the majority of his fans. I know there to be many others who feel the same way.

  • um

    total loser. never will amount to anything. his 15minutes are way up

  • jason

    I remember when George Michael made the famous and unforgettable comment about gay men. He said that gay men want gay male musicians to stay in the closet. As soon as they come out of the closet, they stop buying their records. How true!

    It was a succinct and telling commentary on the gay male mindset. It’s a “we want to be lepers” mentality.

  • staciegirlie


    Isn’t this joke getting a little old?

  • Jeff

    @Chris: Only 3 of the songs on his debut album were written by other pop stars ( 1 each by Lady Gaga, Pink, and Matt Bellamy). Including bonus tracks, Adam wrote or co-wrote 6 of the songs on the album even while traveling the country and performing on the Idol Tour. The album was completed in only 3 months as required by his contract. His sophomore album is due out this fall and he has written or co-written ALL of the tracks, Maybe you should wait to hear it before judging him so harshly.

  • Jeff

    @Daez: I strongly disagree that “the entire world sees all gay men as feminine”. There is no question among his fans that Adam is an ALPHA MALE, a strong leader, and a super sexy mo-fo even (maybe especially) for str8 women. He embraces both his masculine AND feminine qualities and it is a beautiful thing to see. He wears eye makeup mostly when he is performing or attending professional events. He rarely wears it in his everyday life. Some homophobes of course hold it against him that he wears makeup at all. Don’t buy into such nonsense. With Adam it is a “rock ‘n roll” thing, not a “feminine” thing.

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