WATCH: “Glee” Boys In Loincloths, Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato Swing Out To Katy Perry’s “Roar”

Glee is apparently still on the air and while I stopped watching once the show refused to move to New York for a Fame-esque plot centered around Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Mercedes with Sue Sylvester as the mother of the boarding house they live in, Ryan Murphy‘s bastard child continues to turn out some occasionally great numbers.

Case in point, Katy Perry’s anthemic “Roar.” Pop tarts Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato lend their soaring yelps to Rachel, Santana and Kurt’s band in NYC while back in Lima, the New Directions kids strip down to loincloths for an incredibly elaborate (by high school glee club standards) jungle set piece.

Sure it’s nice seeing all those hairless, barely pubescent chests frolicking about not at all homoerotically, but for my money it’s all about Unique, who brought her invisible pumps to class that day.

glee-roarAlways in a heel, even when barefoot. And that’s what we call “Barbie-toeing,” kids.


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