WATCH: “Glee” Boys In Loincloths, Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato Swing Out To Katy Perry’s “Roar”

Glee is apparently still on the air and while I stopped watching once the show refused to move to New York for a Fame-esque plot centered around Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Mercedes with Sue Sylvester as the mother of the boarding house they live in, Ryan Murphy’s bastard child continues to turn out some occasionally great numbers.

Case in point, Katy Perry’s anthemic “Roar.” Pop tarts Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato lend their soaring yelps to Rachel, Santana and Kurt’s band in NYC while back in Lima, the New Directions kids strip down to loincloths for an incredibly elaborate (by high school glee club standards) jungle set piece.

Sure it’s nice seeing all those hairless, barely pubescent chests frolicking about not at all homoerotically, but for my money it’s all about Unique, who brought her invisible pumps to class that day.

glee-roarAlways in a heel, even when barefoot. And that’s what we call “Barbie-toeing,” kids.


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  • Spike

    Hardly loin clothes, more like jungle diapers. Would appear that the boys have to sign agreements that they will stay out of the sun and wear SPF 750 at all times. Talk about pasty white.

  • crowebobby

    Men in their mid-20’s with “barely pubescent” chests?

  • Jake357

    The writing on that episode was weak. It was fairly aimless and pointless and the storylines seemed over the top and campy but not in the good way and the premise (like so many season 4 and 5 eps) seems so…done already. Even the actors’ performances seems to say YAWN. As for Spike whining about pasty… If you’re naturally tan then bully, but it’s the 21st century and tanorexia is so 70s-80s-90s. The sun has set. Bring on them pasty boys.

  • Spike

    @Jake357: Aimless and pointless . . . Well that explains why they used Katy Perry music. As for the tan bulling, LOL, here in SoCalif – where they shoot Glee and the actors presumably live, the summer is just ending. There’s been LOTS of sunshine, kinda hard not to have your exposed skin show some tanning effects.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    OK, I admit it…that Katy Perry song just goes round and round in my head.
    Very catchy…good message to girls, too.

    That said, I know I am an old fart but sweet apples, why o why can’t the camera just sit on one shot for more than a millisecond? I just don’t believe anyone’s brain regardless of age can process visual information that quickly.

    Besides, wouldn’t it be great to just lock on and feast one’s eyes on some of that eye candy?
    There’s nothing wrong with holding a shot or two to just let the performance carry the moment rather than all the visual confusion by the camera.

  • hotshot70

    I only watched the first episode of Glee, and was instantly REPULSED by it. It is a ripoff of Fame, only younger kids. They purposely add at least one of every type of person. (Handicapped, black, white, gay, straight, etc. Or as I call it “Collect them all”) Glee is so desperate to fit every person’s style, but the show lacks substance. Sad how the one kid passed away from drug overdose, but I feel they should just end the show now.

  • heartholder143

    talk about POINTLESS- that would be your conversation about this- Katy Perry writes great songs- Glee celebrates talent and love of music. maybe someone you should focus on the fact- it is a HIT song- they are all on television, and probably living their dreams. TRY to stay away form the haterade. LISTEN with your HEART

  • Savage8862

    Glee has seen its day and needs to be cancelled. This episode, except for Adam Lambert, had some of the worst performances ever. The writing was bad, the acting was bad because the actors no longer look like they are having any fun and are sleep walking. The characters are petty and Sue would never be allowed within a hundred feet of a school as her character is offensive and psychotic. It is time to put Glee to death.

  • Bilicki

    Why I would visit your site is beyond me, but I did and I’m livid. Glee’s storylines are stupid, the show is goofy, but the singing is very good. I watched it because Adam Lambert was on. Couldn’t you just once support one of your own like Lambert? His vocals were amazing, and yes, this doesn’t call for emotional acting in the few minutes he spoke, but just once can’t the gay community support this guy? You probably love Britney, Cher, Katy, Demi where mediocrity rules. Perez Hilton is another one who generally has little good to say about Adam and his commentors are worse. Why don’t more gays buy his music? Because he sings too good?

    I never visited a gay site in my life until Adam Lambert came along. I’m straight, married with children and I have logins and passwords to numerous gay sites. I support gay marriage but then I wonder sometimes why? Will you have the balls to print this?

  • tiffany


    are you insinuating that just because i’m a woman i need to buy music by female singers? because firstly that’s just offensive crap and secondly i can’t stand most female singers.

    maybe they just don’t like his singing? liking music is very subjective.

    learn to chill.

  • Lore


    So your support of basic human rights for lgbt people is based on whether they like same the singer you do?

    The offensiveness of your comment is off the charts.

  • Gleaux

    @Bilicki: I’m a HUGE Adam Lambert fan and the only reason I clicked on the link to this article is because Adam’s name is mentioned in the title. As a fan, I have been reading all the articles on-line about Adam’s appearance on Glee, 99.9% of which rave about his incredible performance of Lady GaGa’s “Marry The Night”. I too am disappointed that the only mention of Adam in this entire article is a comment about him lending “soaring yelps” to “Roar”. WTF? My impression, whomever wrote the article isn’t a fan of Adam (or Demi) but isn’t above using their names to get hits on their article. IMO, your broader social interpretation of the writer’s lack of enthusiasm for Adam isn’t warranted.

  • Snapper59

    Bilicki sounds like one of those Clay Aiken memaws. These straight mothers who go to Aiken or Lambert concerts to throw their underwear on the stage are something creeeeeep-eeeeeey.

  • zaneymcbanes

    I may have to start watching this show again. That was quite fun.

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