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Watch: Glee‘s Blaine Serenades Kurt With ‘Teenage Dream’

Well here’s one way Katy Perry will snake her way back in with the gays: By having Blaine sing “Teenage Dream” to Kurt on next week’s Glee. What was that about putting your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans?

[flv: 650 400]

The likely suspect to be the new boyfriend to Chris Colfer’s character will also sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” — as a duet with Kurt. Swoon.

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  • Jesseboy

    And Telly Leung!!!

  • gurlzz

    sadly, that coupling would never ever happen in real gay life. only on tv.

  • Pip

    Ah, this brings back memories of when I got to transfer to an all boys private school and date a hunk in a uniform blazer.

  • James

    I can’t get over how CUTE this whole scene is. And Chris Colfer NAILS Kurt’s wide-eyedness. Screw verisimilitude, this scene is ADORABLE!

  • asa1973

    Even if unrealistic, it’s still ADORABLE. My former teenage self can’t help but swoon. I definitely remember imagining some hot guy would do something like this for me back then…

  • Devonasa

    He and Kurt would look way better together than with that Chord kid.

    This scene was really cute, I loved it!

  • SpiffyShindigs

    I wish they would’ve let Darren keep his longer hair.

    Also, -swoon-.

  • Soupy

    My fraternity was never that cool.

  • Ross

    too excited!

  • Nathan

    “snake her way back in with the gays”? This website seems to be the only “gay” place that ISN’T into Katy Perry & apparently all because of “Ur so Gay”… sheesh. Have you even heard the song? lol

  • McMike

    Absolutely f’n fantastic.

  • jason

    Glee is a homophobic show. Don’t fall for the notion that it’s gay-friendly.

    Glee has failed to show any male-male kisses. It’s using all these hints to distract you. The producers of Glee appear to be uncomfortable about showing two guys kissing, and they’re just dragging it out so that they never have to show it.

    It’s called the “let’s make them weary” strategy. Obama has used it against us in relation to DADT too.

    In a nutshell, Glee is a homophobic show and the producers appear to be uncomfortable about showing two guys kissing on the show.

  • DC Steve

    @jason: I don’t think it’s that the producers are homophobic, it’s that AMERICANS are homophobic, and Glee is a show that airs on prime time FOX tv in places like Arkansas and Utah. I think the show is doing a great job pushing boundaries in a gently subversive way.

    Also Kurt and his dad are two of my favorite characters on tv. :D

  • Tyler T.

    Nathan I completely agree…Like I feel like pulling a “Leave Katy Alone” video on this site.

    And Jason, pull your head out of your ass. This episode is titled Never Been Kissed…Glee homophobic? That’s ridiculous.

  • Devon

    They should hook this new guy up with that blond guy with the abs. That would actually get me to watch the show.

  • peteNsfo

    Man, I wanna join that Frat.

    I WISH he were singin’ to me. :)

  • Jack

    Awwwwwww… they’ll be such and adorable couple, I just hope he’s actually the guy this time. I got my hopes up for Sam and then I got scared because I started hating Sam then he’s not even gay! I don’t want to go through all that again.

  • Pete

    Well this show truly is a fantasy now…

  • Rob

    As cute as the scene is, no amount of adorable can make me like this song.

  • Hilarious

    Who is watching Glee for realism? That scene was awesome and I can’t wait to see the whole episode.

    Sam who?

    This new guy is HOT and hopefully Kurt will have him all to himself without any done to death confusion storylines. Gay teens especially deserve to get to see images of gay couples getting together without all of the angst and drama(over sexuality). I mean that’s the freedom heterosexual couples enjoy and take for granted everyday.

  • sam

    OMG -_- that’s like almost exactly my high school uniform (minue the red vests. eew)

  • Ian

    Ok, the scene was cute sorta. But can Glee EVER sing anything ORIGINAL other than covers?

  • jtg

    Kurt and a good looking semi-butch man together – there is no amount of good writing that could make that convincing.

  • Hilarious

    @jtg: Regardless of the fact that the word “butch” makes no sense when applied to a man, there’s nothing very masculine about singing “Teenage Dream” in the first place.

    They look like a perfect fit to me.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    And, I love how JTG confuses his taste with what others may be into. Are you seriously going to argue there are not masculine gay men who are into someone like Kurt? You can’t be serious. There is an extreme diverse world out there that I would suggest you walk away from the computer.

  • JMP

    I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed repeatedly that Blaine and Kurt will be a couple and the fact the episode is titled ‘Never been kissed’ likely means that it will not be true for Kurt for long.

  • Chuck

    It’s like Kurt in Heaven. Perfect. I love it. Seriously, that was the cutest thing. Thank goodness for Glee.

  • thedarkchariot

    Well, that’s it. All I can say is…


  • Dan

    That was really well-done.

  • Troy

    Well, I’m 19 and me and my boyfriend do share some of these “unrealistic” moments now and then. I think it’s safe to say that there’s a fair amount of people who can relate to this, or even share a parallel experience, even when they’re in or out of high school. Maybe it’s because this kind of media portrayal of homoerotic themes is still new that it may seem fantasy-like.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Ian: Why would it?
    Glee clubs, show choirs, and most a cappella groups don’t sing original music.
    The club in the show is a cross between a show choir and an a cappella group. Since show choirs sing show tunes and many collegiate a cappella groups sing pop songs… it makes sense that the show sticks to show tunes and pop songs.

  • Kevster

    Darren Criss can be my teenage dream ANY night ;) I hated that song when Perry sang it. I’m not sure what was wrong with her fans but that woman seriously can’t sing to save her own life.

  • Blake J

    I no longer care what happens with Sam, because Blaine is…

  • ron

    @Blake J: Dreamy!

  • Hugs

    This show is so silly.

  • slippy

    Even if you had never watched Glee and didn’t know of Kurt’s loneliness and isolation . Even if you had no idea that Blaine -Mr Teenage Dream was written to be an openly proud gay man. You’d need to be blind and an emotional cripple not to see that this was sung directly to Kurt who is quivering with antici….pation and glowing with puppy love. And in fact this one performance is a significant moment. Blaine is melting girl’s hearts across America -but he’s singing this to a guy.This is an instant star turn for Darren Criss . And speaking of San Francisco values -guess where Mr. Teenage Dream grew up …..

    PROUD to be a MAJOR GLEEK !!

  • Avenger

    They should take his a-moral, degenerate program off the air.

  • ron

    @Avenger: I’m surprised you get cable under your rock.

  • Josh

    Darlingest! I think it sort of works that this scene is so unrealistic, because the song is “Teenage DREAM”. The whole thing is a fantasy come true, ya know? It’s “Some Day My Prince Will Come” but for gay boys in high school.

  • wtf

    @Avenger: shut up troll.

  • Brutus

    @jason: You are ridiculous.

    So Will & Grace is homophobic. Modern Family is homophobic. Queer Eye is homophobic. ALL BECAUSE THEY DON’T SHOW A KISS, even though they put gay characters in front of the public during prime time and treat them like real human beings?

  • hephaestion

    I read that this guy will give Kurt his first kiss and then become his gay mentor… which sounds to me like they’ll date but then decide to just be friends. So maybe this guy will tell Kurt how to snare Chord Overstreet’s fab-ab character.

    This song & scene are SPECTACULAR. Nothing this wonderful has ever been on American TV before that I can recall.

  • TheInsider

    Has this become a sitcom? so unrealistic and silly.

  • Soupy

    I’m all for it. I’m older and if I had ever seen a boy singing to another boy with the sexual intent clear as a teenager myself, I would have felt so much better. Thank god it’s out there now.

  • Carsen Tyler

    I am just going to say the All Boy School that was partnered with my All Girl School pretty much did the burst out of song thing as well…too bad they didn’t have blazers.

  • Hilarious

    @TheInsider: Are you serious right now? You sure sound like an outsider to me.

    This show has been a DARK HUMOR COMEDY from the beginning with singing and light drama thrown in.

    You people bitching about it being a fantasy sound like total idiots.

    Television is fantasy. Wake up and stop whining. If you watch tv for reality you have issues. Go outside.

  • Hilarious

    Oh and I forgot to touch on the blatant irony of crying and screaming bloody murder about the shows that actually bothered to include our presence rather than pretend we don’t exist or act like we’re asexual clowns for the amusement of others.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    This is such a strange site. Strange because there is no standard at all for the down rating system. For example, I say above that JTG is wrong to say that there is something fantastical about a masculine man being into someone who is not masculine. How is that a reason to down rate me? Weird, weird site. I know all sorts of relationships. I guess JTG doesn’t and feels threatened to know they exist. Sorry to disappoint you JTG- but there are many types of gay relationships, including masculine with non masculine.

  • Mykey

    @Nathan: C’mon guys! Katy has never been for gays! I waited desperately to see her kiss a girl on that Kissed a Girl video and nothing of such happened! She’s just using the gay/lesbian/bi-girl label to get your support to sell records, and guess what, it worked for her!

  • scott ny'er

    I really am not into this show. But, that said, this clip is really nice and that boy singing to Kurt is hot. IF this leads up to Kurt and him being in a relationship and they are portrayed as a really couple like Scotty and Kevin on Bros + Sisters, then I might just watch it for them. And by real couple, I mean holding hands, kissing, touching, etc.

    Blaine is immensely cute in this scene.

  • Soupy

    I do think it’s funny though, that if you look at the back row of guys, they look 45. I hope they are alumni.

  • BubbasBack

    This show is crap! Pass the beer. Burp.

  • DR

    Fun clip. Liked it. The producers still seem to be up in the air as to whether this is will be Kurt’s boyfriend or Kurt’s BFF, but as long as it’s a decent story and Kurt finds some happiness with another gay character, I’m not sure I care which way it goes. He’s come out, he’s had the creepy crushes, the brush with familial death, now it’s time to give his gayness more than the typical after school special treatment.

  • BjBien1010

    makes me wish i wasnt gay

  • AgBoiNV

    For those doubting that Kurt and Blaine are going to have some romantic chemistry….. 1) you need to go back and watch again, it was kind of obvious and 2) note that they will also be singing a duet together…..Loesser’s ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, a song whose lyrics should make it utterly apparent these two are gonna be more than just new friends. (actually, the lyrics of that song set it up perfectly for a kiss at the end of the number……

  • AgBoiNV

    @hephaestion: I like that call.

  • Mike in London UK

    I have this horrible feeling that it will all end in tears for Kurt.

  • Lefty

    @Mike in London UK: Agreed, but I guess that’s what good drama is about. Happiness writes white, etc.
    Still, given that the show was created and written by a gay man, let’s hope Kurt doesn’t end up just another gay tragedy case in the long run…

  • Hilarious

    @Mike in London UK: Well Finn and Rachel finally got together and they’re dull as dirt. So Kurt keeping things moving and fresh will honestly play out better for the character in the long run.

    I find myself wishing Finn and Rachel would go off-screen so the more interesting characters can come on.

  • Ian

    Ok I watched this episode so I could say this in an informed manner, I say again that those who do not see that Glee is NOT gay friendly seriously need to pull their heads out of their asses. We had four heterosexual-pair kisses which were all either with passion or kindness, the one gay kiss was emoting anger from the bully and shock & a little revulsion from Kurt. Yeah guys, SOOOOOOOO gay friendly!!!

    When will you guys finally WAKE UP to the fact that Kurt will NEVER have a boyfriends arm around him, will NEVER like EVERY OTHER hetero-pairing have a make-out session, etc.?? If it’s not clear to you now your simply as clueless as believing that Obama will recind DADT “anyday now”.

  • Motard

    I, for one, still find Glee to be more honest and telling about the gay experience than any season or episode of Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, or the L Word.

    It’s not the end of truly inclusive gay representation on television, but it’s a substantial step towards it.

    Not being kissed in high school is not exactly uncommon for gay folk. The straights get dances and cotillions and sweet-sixteens to celebrate their ascent into adulthood; no equivalents exist for gay teens. Probably the closest thing is getting to move to college.

    It’s not gay-friendly? I reject that. It’s a real friend because it shows Kurt Hummel for who he is – armor, warts, scars, and glitter.

  • Mike in London UK


    I think we may have finally seen Kurt without his armor.

  • Motard

    @Mike in London UK:

    S’my point. Colfer gets to show more complicated emotions from Kurt in this one sequence than he has most of the rest of this season. All without dialogue.

  • ociany

    Although I don’t think that he’s serenading him, but it’s still really cute!! Can’t wait for what happens next.

  • Scott

    During season 1 I thought Kurt was grounded and wise. So far this season he seemed ungrounded and lost and I was hating his personality. After this episode I’m impressed with Chris’ acting ability.

    Kurt looks so young and inexperienced next to Blaine, the total opposite of my opinion of him during season 1. When he stood up to his bully in the locker room I thought for sure he was going to wind up in the hospital. I was shocked and wowed by his first big attempt to stand up for himself physically.

  • Dallas David


    Like “Will & Grace” it’s not perfect. But better than anything else that’s been on US TV.

    The day will come when this is considered as old-fashioned as feet-binding. But for now, from my 55 years of perspective, it’s amazing.
    I didn’t bother to update my TV to digital, but I think I’ll order a copy of 1st season shows so I can see what else this show is about (Ya, I haven’t seen a full show yet).

    Thanks . . .

    Amazing . . .

  • MrHogs2001

    This song was performed amazingly!! But I have no idea why the producers would choose the song of a notorious HOMOPHOBE in an episode about gay bullying! I assume it’s all about money, money, money. It’s disgusting none-the-less.

  • tallskin2

    Ian is correct when he points out that: “We had four heterosexual-pair kisses which were all either with passion or kindness, the one gay kiss was emoting anger from the bully and shock & a little revulsion from Kurt. Yeah guys, SOOOOOOOO gay friendly!!!”

    We are all so pathetically starved of any media portrayals that ANY is leapt upon with slavering, fawning gratitude.

  • Dezzie

    @jason: dude did you even watch the episode? there was clearly a male on male kiss with Kurt and that footbal player Dave. even if it wasnt romantic and all, its still proof to go against your comment.

  • scott ny'er

    @Dallas David: I disagree. Try Brothers and Sisters, Scotty and Kevin. A fully formed gay relationship. And there was also Marco on Degrassi with his hot, hunky blond BF.

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  • T.U.


    Just doing some, er, “research” for the AFA, right?

    How’s that ex-gay therapy workin’ out for you?


  • kit

    @jason: They did show 2 guys kissing..

  • Derek Williams

    fantastic progress that I have to pinch myself to be sure I am not dreaming it all

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