WATCH: ‘The Good Liar’ stars Ian McKellen & Helen Mirren enjoy some sick beats

Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen in ‘The Good Liar’

Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen received an impromptu homage at a Broadway performance this week.

The legendary stars of the new thriller The Good Liar attended a performance of Freestyle Love Supreme. The pair participated in the show and adjourned backstage with the cast. Their fellow performers then broke into a moving rap for the co-stars.

In a surprise twist, a rainbow scarf-wearing McKellen turned toward the camera to spill his 2020 presidential endorsement. Take a look at his T-shirt and you’ll see his pick.

The Good Liar teams McKellen and Mirren with Oscar-winning director Bill Condon in a thriller about love and betrayal. McKellen stars as Roy, an aging con man who romances women for their money. His latest target: Betty, played by Mirren, a wealthy older woman with secrets of her own. Russell Tovey also stars as Betty’s grandson Steven, who suspects Roy’s ulterior motives and tries to sabotage their love affair.

The Good Liar is in theaters November 15. Get Tickets Now.

Have a look at the video to hear the songs, learn McKellen’s endorsement (hint: he’s adorbs), and discover one of Mirren’s favorite bands (hint: they’re English and they rule, much like Mirren herself).