WATCH: GuySpy Takes On Grindr With Red-Hot BBQ Promo

Billing itself as a “the most sophisticated, all-male, location-based mobile social-networking app,” GuySpy is looking to make a name for itself amid more established hookup apps like Grindr and Scruff. It’s off to a good start with the sexy BBQ-themed promotional clip above.

And just so the vegetarians don’t feel left out, they even produced a non-carnivorous edition (below). There’s still plenty of meat on view, though.

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  • redcarpet

    The corn was especially disgusting. It worked though, cuz I just downloaded the app. Looks like its all guys who wouldn’t give me the time of day though. Back to Scruff and Growlr.

  • jack89

    I am so BBQing tonight! Thanks for sharing these hot vids queerty! I just downloaded the APP too and I already have a date tonight!

  • FunGuy

    Really fun sexy videos! Went to the guyspy website too and downloaded the app! Great
    site and the app has a lot of great stuff on it!!

  • Steve

    I wouldn’t mind being corn holed by those guys.

  • Maxilimus

    Hilariously overdone

  • Newbie

    That’s classic! It’s good to see a bit of creativity in promotional videos for a hook-up app instead of the usual yawn. It got me to download the app, but I think I like the web-site view ( event better!

  • Jason

    Not bothering with watching it. I’ve more contact and cell number swaps over Jackd. Scruff and Jackd both beat Grindr and Grindr manages to beat GuySpy

  • Javier

    Not very hot guys. They should have gotten some real male fitness models. Those guys were rather unappealing and stereotypical looking.

  • Eddie

    Jack’d is awesome. Wayy better than Grindr!!!

  • timncguy

    There is something wrong with the eyes of the guy on the left in the “corn” video.

  • Daez

    PETA eat your heart out.

    On a related note, I feel sorry for anyone that actually uses any of these services trying to meet a guy for anything long term. However, if you realize what they are meant for, a hot fling with no strings, then by all means have some fun.

  • Dwanst

    That meat guy is so f****** hot I’d swap my front row Madonna seat to get a front row on his seat…

  • Gauthier

    Why the hell even bother with innuendo anymore? That’s not suggestion as much as ramming our faces in a bucketful of cocks while chanting “CHOW DOWN! CHOW DOWN!” And god forbid you don’t look like a caucasian roidtard porn star with an std-inducing grin and sweaty thighs. Whatever.

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