WATCH: Half-Share, The Fire Island Sitcom You Wish Logo Made

If we have to keep looking at the mating rituals of the American heterosexual on shows like Mike & Molly, Whitney and The Marriage Ref, we’re gonna puke in our Planter’s Punch. Thankfully some serious gay talents have filmed a queer panacea to all those toxic breeder shows. Half-Share, the brain child of Jesse Archer, Sean Hanley and Michael Lyon, is sort of like Sex & The City meets Gilligan’s Island meets The Boys in the Band, with a motley gang of gay friends landing on Fire Island for a fun- and drama-filled summer.

Fresh out of a 14-year relationship, emotionally wounded Mac (Kevin Spidle) is convinced to join a summer share in the Pines. He thinks it’s going to be a reflective and relaxing vacation, but it turns out somewhat differently, as Mac’s eccentric housemates toss him headfirst into the deep end of Fire Island’s scandalous social scene.

Half-Share has a cast of serious gay talents—including Archer (Boy Culture,Violet Tendencies), Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), Sam Pancake ( Legally Blonde 2), Jack Plotnick (Girls Will Be Girls), Kevyn Morrow (Broadway’s Five Guys Named Moe) and Joey Dudding (Big Gay Musical)—and first-rate production values.

But shooting the thing on location proved no easy feat: “The craziest thing was trying to shoot Low Tea during a Nor’easter in October,” recalls co-producer Brian Sloan (WTC View). “The rain was falling horizontally past the windows of the Blue Whale as everyone’s sipping mocktails and dancing to Katy Perry at 10am.  It was surreal.”

Right now, the half-hour pilot is making the festival circuit (it’ll be screened during the New York Television Festival, September 19-24), but the hope is to get it to the small screen.

You listening network heads? Put a bullet in Two and a Half Men already, for God’s sake, and pick this bitch up! Ashton Kutcher can do a guest appearance.

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