Watch what happens when a Trump supporter tried to troll Disney’s ‘Frozen’ on Broadway

A Broadway performer in Disney’s Frozen snatched a giant Trump flag from the audience during a recent curtain call, leading many to sing his praises and some to criticize him.

It’s more than a little ironic that Timothy Hughes plays a troll in the wildly popular production.

When an audience member in the front row (and you know that ticket wasn’t cheap) attempted to troll everyone in the theater by waving a Trump 2020 banner, Hughes, who is openly gay, grabbed it and threw it backstage.

Hughes obtained a video of the moment and shared it on Instagram, along with this message:

What does it say about our country and politics when a man at the show tonight felt the need to protest Disney’s Frozen on Broadway with a pro Trump flag?? How frightening is it that our show’s messages of love, acceptance, and diversity have become the opposition to supporting Trump? The curtain call is a thank you between actors and audience, a final connection to end a shared experience. I will not apologize for how I responded to the disrespectful man trying to interrupt this moment with a pathetic political platform. Not at our show! Not in front of my beautiful, diverse, talented cast at @frozenbroadway. I appreciate everyone’s support. #resist #lovewins #lovetrumpshate

While most people applauded Hughes’ decision to stop this inappropriate disruption, you can be sure the Trump trolls crawled out from their basements to make this argument:

What happened to the liberals wanting inclusion and free speech and the first amendment, Is that only if you are white lefty, minorities or LGBT ?

Hmm… let’s see. The Trump administration has actively worked to damage the lives of LGBTQ people, women and immigrants, all while lining the pockets of the already-wealthy.

Here’s a reminder if there’s any confusion:

To make matters even more absurd, the man reportedly waited outside the theater after the show, threatening to sue if his banner wasn’t returned to him.

In another video, you can see how upset he is:

When someone brings a Trump flag to Frozen. You get that shit taken away. And people say Floridians are crazy. #priceless

Posted by Crystal Sotomayor-Ringhofer on Wednesday, September 5, 2018