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WATCH: Has Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” Become The Official Marriage Equality Anthem?

It looks as if we finally have an official anthem for the post-SCOTUS ruling on LGBT equality. “Same Love,” a searing ballad by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (featuring additional vocals by Mary Lamber) not only contains gay-specific lyrics it has leaped up 37 spots up the Billboard Hot 100 chart from No. 65 three weeks ago to No. 28 last week.

And then there’s the accompanying video, co-directed by Lewis with Jon Jon Augustavo and Tricia Davis. This clip takes its place alongside Australia’s “It’s Time” short film and the last 10 minutes of Six Feet Under as the most powerful testaments for equality yet made.

But this isn’t just an attempt to mine a hot-button issue for chart success. The act, which has already scored two No. 1 hits with “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us,” even takes jabs at the Pat Robertsons of the world with the song’s lyrics:

Playing God, aw nah here we go/America the brave still fears what we don’t know
And God loves all his children, is somehow forgotten/ But we paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago / I don’t know

According to the New York Times, “On the strength of online streaming more than airplay, the song was No. 5 on the Rap Songs chart, where lyrics in support of gay rights are almost unheard-of. Sales of the single surged 23 percent last week from the previous week to a total of more than 788,000 copies, and views of the single’s video on YouTube had approached 53 million by Sunday.”

The paper also notes that while some urban hip-hop stations perhaps unsurprisingly haven’t rushed to add the song to their rotations,  that it has been getting airplay on a few. Peter Rosenberg, a D.J. on Hot 97 in New York, said his listeners had applauded his decision to play the song on his Sunday night show. He predicts that ‘Same Love’ will become a hit on urban radio, too.”

Here’s hoping.

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  • LadyL

    Timely and poignant–I LOVE this!–and yes, it bookends the “It’s Time” film nicely. Good on Macklemore and Lewis with a nod to Mary Lamber.

  • balehead

    Are they donating the money?……

  • kpj558

    I don’t need any more straight pop stars to empower me.

  • jstepp88

    @kpj558 We need all of the support that we can get. Especially those from groups that normally wouldn’t do so. Every barrier broken is one less that can hold us back.

  • Tom

    kpj558, I understand what you’re saying. However there are a lot of young kids out there that need to be empowered. People like Lady Gaga, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have a platform to reach those kids. I realize some celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon because it’s trendy and using it for personal promotion. I’ve been an openly gay man for 30 years. Every time I hear someone straight stand up in support of gay rights, I’ve learned to appreciate it and say thank you.

  • gaymaniac

    Love it-no problem with it being a gay anthem.

  • Caliban

    I don’t know about now but, yes, when the song was released proceeds from its sale went to support marriage equality in Washington state. (At the time Macklemore & Lewis hadn’t had any national hits and were more famous regionally.)

  • NotStr8Acting

    LOVE this song….and it ABSOLUTELY is a gay anthem, LGBT anthem and gay rights anthem that will live on forever. Getting so much air time here in L.A radio stations

  • balehead

    Actually none of the money has been donated from this song….And why can’t gay musicians get this kind of support???

  • zrocqs

    @balehead: k d lang, Michael Stipe, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, Adam Lambert…. Lots of Gay musicians get lots of support. The reason this song is garnering attention is because it’s from straight men using a genre of music that is historically homophobic to send a message of acceptance. Be grateful. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are going to benefit from this song. So what? This song is another step forward that will benefit you as well.

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