Chirp chirp

Watch Hasan Minhaj learn about “quivering bussy”

Let it be known: The only gags Hasan Minhaj will do are chuckles.

But try telling that to his thirsty Twitter fans, who clearly have something other than just politics on the mind when they watch Minhaj’s Netflix series, Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj.

Minhaj stopped by Buzzfeed to delve into another bucket of thirst tweets, and for the second time in the feature’s distinguished existence, a straight male celebrity received an education on the word “bussy.”

(For the record, Taron Egerton was the first.)

“Hasan makes my bussy quiver!” reads Minhaj. “So f*cking sexy.”

And upon receiving a definition, he adds: “Oh, I thought they misspelled… Hasan makes my butt quiver? Okay, I’ll take that. Alright. I’m so glad that I can make your bussy quiver. I’m learning a lot today.”

Watch below for more: